The Gold. The Grove.

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hechtlinger 79

It's about time Goldengrove got banned.

I've been trying to break it for a while, and I'm happy to now share the most broken interaction I've found. This deck uses 5g+ Small Council to stand Casterly Rock (BtB) twice or three times a turn.

In addition, Orton Merryweather lets you get The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due back to hand every turn. So it's relatively common to marshall {Littlefinger (Core)/Ser Kevan Lannister/Mathis Rowan} get their effect, kneel them with GG to stand Casterly Rock and then take them back to hand for next turn. Basically, it's a recursive +3-5g cantrip and draw engine.

The gameplay was straightforward. Swarm the board, and play Return to the Fields (R) if needed. Overwhelm the opponent by having so much more resources than them. Interactions were also interesting. Goldengrove can stand Flea Bottom (R) and also Behold our Bounty let you just get 2-3 Olenna's Informant triggers a turn.

Overall fun deck to navigate, From everything I saw, it was the best econ/draw engine possible under RL 1.8. But I didn't have time to test it in a tournament setting. I do think it was a competitive deck, that had the potential of winning stuff. It was the strongest deck I created in a while.



SonOfBattles1 429

Ah yes, sweet degeneracy. Well done Yotam.

Where's Ashemark though? That seemed to be a factor in banning of Goldengrove - I'm guessing the play would be to at least get Ashemark to 4 before bouncing Orton Merryweather back to hand and returning your The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due to hand?

YuleOoze 228

Ashemark and Bloody Flux were the cards that made it even more stupid... :D

hechtlinger 79

The really stupid interaction here is Tyrion Lannister (TB) putting Goldengrove into shadows for 4 triggers in Marshalling. But it was hard to build a deck around that with so many Tyrell cards in the deck.

Regarding Ashemark, it's a cool concept, especially with Ser Kevan Lannister coming in and out every turn. But this deck doesn't have enough jumpers or shadows to get enough value from it. Ashemark affects both sides and Bronn (HMW) is actually quite important to save the lords and ladies.

I'm guessing this could have been built differently, but this was the strongest and most stable version I was able to find.

YuleOoze 228

The value of triggering Ashemark for up to 6 with Bloody Flux and keeping your own 6s and 7s was just insanely good imo and Kevan Lannister is indeed the real superstar here. Ramping into Casterly Rock or Red Keep in the earlier rounds is a pretty fair bargain. 😅 We maybe built it a little different but the basic concept was the same. Good job, mate (and a well-deserved ban)!