Valyrian Robb (vs Tyrell BoT)

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Marco Martell 70

The deck with 2 copies of Summer (Core) was used vs. Tyrell in Regents 2023 tourney (here's the game with lovely Slovenian commentary

I replaced those 2 cards with Summer (WotW) (never seen in play so far) and additional The Highroad due to the new restricted list (October 2023).

Robb Stark (Core) could be probably replaced with another big character (e.g. Maege Mormont) and Exchange of Information could replace Counting Coppers then.

I publish this deck because it worked quite well outside the tourney, and there is no other valid Valyrian Steel (R) deck in the database.

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Marco Martell 70

Both Blood of the First Men and Needle have never really worked for me. And Summer (WotW) is even worse than Blood, unless it serves Grey Wind (FtR).