Milk of the Hightower (Stahleck 5-3)

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The Knight in White — King of Swiss, Top16 Online Worlds 8 7 1 1.0
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Mates97 23

Hey! Since the meta changed, I updated Superduck's WB and played it on Stahleck. There is more character, location and attachment hate. Greyjoy, Lannister and Stark goodstuff is now better and more common than Martell 321. White Book is one of the best Tyrell agendas and it's also nice for begginers. I would make following changes after the tourney:

  1. remove 1 House Florent Knight, I used it once, there is usually a lot of small chuds
  2. remove 1 Ser Mark Mullendore, one copy is enough, I didn't trigger him that often
  3. add 1 or even 2 Ghost of High Heart, I missed that +1 STR and hand control in many games
  4. add "Lord Renly's Ride", you can kneel your opponents board with The Maiden +Green-Apple Knight before they can play
  5. add Bran the Builder instead of Political Disaster, I never tried this, but BtB can search for draw or eco locations, Lay Waste could maybe handle the locations without PD

Deck Summary: Milk of the Poppy is absolutely fantastic and can save a lot of games. Almost no one plays attachment discard plots and there's only a small amount of events. The Hightower is better than The Arbor IMO, I lost a game due to no/small draw. I also lost a game because I lost initiative, maybe The Kingsroad would be great too. Finaly thanks to all my opponents for nice games! I will welcome any advices. Feel free to try this deck and see you on the Iron Throne or next years Stahleck!


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