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Lemming 57

Hi everybody.

I'd like to share my Melee list from Stahleck.

Last year i played Targ Fools an i got wrecked by Delena Florent (3 Games) so this year i hatepicked her myself.

The general idea was to have a deck that draws alot of cards paired with descent eco plots so that you dont run out of steam. Bonifer the Good combined with Poor Fellows does the job.

Maiden as opener, followed most of the times by either The New Gods or The Warrior. Turn 3 was always The Crone and i hit 2x The First Snow of Winter and 1x Wildfire Assault.

Antler Men can give you gold in taxation tpo carry it over in the next round, Penrose is there if Delena doesnt show up.

Sparrows were MVP with The Crone stopping several opponents from winning the Game and me closing it out afterwards.

Stinking Drunk was a card i included instead of Traitor to the Crown which was in the joust deck version i build. While traitor draws hate from your opponents and is more expensive, stinking drunk is an amazing dealmaker card. The first deal is whose char will get wasted, the second deal you do with the player IF you should trigger it in standing or not. Cheap 2 for 1. Solid!

"The Song of the Seven" was my restricted and it made huge power shifts and it works amzing with No Song So Sweet to get my cheeky Event back. Having The Bastard of Nightsong as surprise card in the challenge or Ser Davos Seaworth (FotS) (Black Betha) can really accelerate your power gain.

Lets talk about the agenda: The Faith Militant is amazing in Melee. You can steal power on offense and defense. So it can discourage your op from attacking, you if you kneel out to defend and they even lose a power.

Crossing is restricted, draws a lot of hate from other players and does basicly the same without the downside of having to save the power on chars.

I lost in the semis, but I made 50 Points during the Swiss winning 3 Tables and making 2. Place im my 4th game. I was at 14 Powers but the table teamed against me so i fell back down to 10 which was fair. I played Trig and Bamford for the 2. time this day and Johannes for the first. Trig had a friend running for King of Swiss and i already cost Dave a Melee Worlds Title and overall i was more then happy with the deck performing unexspectedly well.

Pls write me if you tried that list at home. I'd love to hear about it.

Have a nice Day



teamjimby 1961

Nice run and nice list! I also made top 16 melee running Bara Faith, but there are a few differences in our list. I had never even considered No Song So Sweet, but that seems like a fun event.

How did Stinking Drunk perform for you? I feel like single-target effects like that aren't great in melee, but I'm also not a veteran melee player.

For reference, my list was basically:

  • Add: Septon Meribald, Starry Sept, Dragon's Tail, Support of the People
  • Remove: Delena Florent, No Song so Sweet, Song of the Seven, Stinking Drunk

I also ran VD instead of Duel, but Duel is definitely better. My control plot was Grand Melee instead of Parley. Both can be good at different times.

Lemming 57

Stinking drunk was amazing anytime i drew it. You get several deals out of a 0 cost card T1 / T2. I had games where my opponents made sweet deals and another time where Catelyn wasnt thrown in any challenge. Basicly a 0 cost Marriage Pact.

I personally prefer "The Song of the Seven" over Starry Sept because Sea Bitch exists and Starry Sept is a "thread" you ops can see and calculate with. It also draws hate and you never wanna use it for the control part anyway. With Support of the People it can be a thing but otherwise it was to expensive for my list because it doesnt contribute to the board state.