R'hllor Without Banners - Prague FO offline winner

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Martozar 253

Here's the deck I won with at the Prague Friendly Open Offline tournament. https://thrones.tourneygrounds.com/tournaments/8500

The general concept of the deck was to have as many as possible low-cost characters to flood the board and use Red God's Blessing to increase the STR of important characters and rush with Azor Ahai Reborn. The biggest counter against the deck would be anything that runs Sweetsleep, and decks with lots of resets (-Knights of the Hollow Hill or similar).

Due to the cost curve, low-income/high-initiative plots like Forced March (R) and Battle of the Camps, and Duel as one of the resets were the obvious choice.

The amount of renowns allows the deck to be quite fast, which also prompts opponents to early resets, but the deck is pretty durable. Most of the 4g characters were added to make the deck more durable against The First Snow of Winter, which proofed to be the right choice during some games at the tournament.

Possible changes:

  • Adding Red Priest, as it's out of RL now. I didn't need him, as he doesn't add much to the general strategy of the deck, but the hand knowledge might be powerful.
  • More copies of Tormund Giantsbane. Tormund with Azor Ahai Reborn is one of the most powerful combos in this deck, in combination with The Brotherhood Without Banners he's basically a 3-keywords character with incredible strength and most importantly built-in intimidate.
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