the Darkstar that was promised

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Victarion Seaworth 8

Idea is to make Darkstar to your Prince that was Promised, so you can get him back and also do a feint and stand him.

Unlike in other decks, you want to become first player to force your opponent's characters into participation, so they don't attack you.

Power is mostly gained by unopposed challenges after forced paticipation (FP) or bombing, or challenges.


Locations: Everything is for econ, River Gate as draw when needed, lose challenges with FP




  • Maiden: Opening, you want LOTS of initiative to become First player later.
  • Trading with the Pentoshi: just make a big econ (most of the times in second turn) and get some of the bigger guys you have.
  • Exchange of Information: get some cards when you need them.
  • Mad King's Command: keeping the board small to control better -> win more Power challenges and getting rid of your opponent's location spam.
  • Valar Dohaeris: Reset, keeping the board small
  • Heads on Spikes: one of your Closers, play after bombing for higher chance of character
  • Clash of Kings: second Closer, better if your opponent has no icons.

I'm open for any improvement suggestions.

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Grimstringer 1

This looks very fun and thematic hope the gameplay works . I'm definitely gonna try this I'm the future