Stark fealty.

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Daviduk91 58

Syrio's Training is best used on Catelyn Stark using her in military challenges allows her to cancel a host of problem cards being used (Put to the Sword, Dracarys!, and if Balon Greyjoy is giving you problems she prevents use of The Seastone Chair,We Do Not Sow,Euron Crow's Eye and much more)

Other good target is Sansa Stark so she can be used in multiple challenges using Lady

The rest of the deck plays fairly obviously just keep the pressure on your opponent in military challenges going first often using Winter Is Coming, Ice, Grey Wind to make sure they can't build up a force.

However don't underestimate your Intrigue your opponent is expecting military challenged from you and will often try and build a military force, a turn one sneak attack means one thing to your opponent and that's that your going to kill their men, sometimes an intrigue challenge with winter is coming can be a lot more destructive.

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