Rise of the Mirri (TOP 4 Regional Genova, 47 players)

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remancino 269

I thought about this deck from the first moment I saw the card of Mirri Maz Duur. The strategy is, of course, trying to apply the effect as often as possible and kill big guys of opponent. Greyjoy i think is the best partner house for Mirri since they have cards like The Kraken's Grasp for an unexpected win, or Fishing Net with wich you can avoid defense of Catelyn Stark or other big guys. But only when i tested it I realized that there are much more combos that can make life difficult for the opponent. All the pillage, and the Reader effect to mill 3 cards, can help trigger Crone of Vaes Dothrak. Also you can use Magister Illyrio that works well with you character with renown, except that with Mirri. Not secondary, you have access even to The Seastone Chair. When you have both Chair and Mirri is very hard to stop a direct kill. Finally, you have even Loot, that can erase the gold of opponent stopping every chance to counter your direct kill with cards like Treachery or Vengeance for Elia. And, you know, even if opponent countered it, you always spend his gold that is all you want ;)


NerferNazgul 227

This deck is very nice, i tryed him, and is so cool, is very good try to direct kill with Mirri/Seastone and in the same time try to random kill with Crone of Vaes Dothrak, and anyway pillage is good for Euron. After that Loot.



Tygore 60

Nice deck and congratz with your top 4 achievement!

Why do you run 2x Raider from Pyke, while you dont have any weapons? Is it for letting your opponent think you have a weapon in hands? Are Salty Navigators not better with the +1 initiative?

Do you think Building Orders is necessary for grabbing The Seastone Chair?

Pietroia 56

@Tygore Fishing net is a weapon =)

Tygore 60

@Pietroia Of course :) I knew I missed something.

remancino 269

@Tygorethanks! I think Raider is more useful than Salty Navigators,specially because they give you the chance to put the net on a character after your marshalling. I don't see very well Building Orders, as i don't like Summon in this deck for tutoring Mirri. 2x of Seastone I think is good to see it the most of the times.

Dydra 1467

A friend is running Kraken/ Dragon in the local meta. Very strong. Only Stark can really oppose the kill and that's with core Cait and Winterfell.

Necrogoat 14

I tried a deck in nearly the sam,e way, it also is much fun and damn evil if it works ;)


Dembers 1

why not 3 loot?

remancino 269

@Dembersi think 3 is too much. When you are against houses like Baratheon or Stark it isn't very useful. Loot is a card that you want to see in certain situations, but not a card you want to see in all the games

HouseSotong 66

@remancino How do you counter Stark Fealtys with Winterfell out? & Martells with hard icon removal?

Freelancesnails 32

Do you find yourself having enough gold to really utilize Magister Illyrio?

remancino 269

@HouseSotongis an hard game, specially if they see card combos like Cat/Winterfell or Nymeria/icon-removal attachments. Mainly in that cases i try to get an unopposed challenge for triggering We Do Not Sow. Very useful even if you get an uo with a milked Mirri.

@Freelancesnailsmore often than you might think. Obviously it depends on the choices you make in marshalling and situation on board ;)

MeatLoafX 22

A few questions: does Pyke slot in? If so, what would you cut? If Pyke goes in, do the wildling scouts get replaced? Any other changes? Keep all three nets? (I'm used to building only 60 card decks... But it's tough to find two cuts here)

remancino 269

@MeatLoafXnot tested yet Pyke but for sure i'll try it. I'm thinking to drop the Raiding Longship(a little too conditional in my opinion) more than wildling scouts or nets for a 2x of Pyke,but i must see if deck works well even without that