Dragons and Ladies

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Stormborn 301

The theme of this deck is Dracarys! and Ladies.

Donella Hornwood makes Dracarys! free.

Arya Stark (WotN), Stark Chud and Blood of the Dragon kills Melisandre, Tyrion, Nymeria or anyone with printed STR 4.

If you have a Dragon, Stark Chud and Arya Stark in play then your opponent will being taking a big risk doing a Military challenge with a big character.

Sacrificing your own Arya Stark can be quite a tempo hit sometimes and she doesn't work well with Wildfire Assault because it is a reaction and not an interrupt (you can be 3v3 or 2v2 if your opponent keeps someone with 3 STR).

Close Call is in the plot deck to get Bran Stark back.

Playing around your Blood of the Dragon is key so sacrifice your Handmaidens when you can.

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