Sam Braatz's Worlds Winner

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Minicurve Stealth 1 1 0 1.0
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The Sunflower Store Championship winner 7-0 Copenhagen 3 0 3 1.0

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I take no credit for this, this is Sam’s deck list from Worlds


Smashman 1

Intriguing that Martell/Tyrell, both highly underrepresented Factions managed to win such a prestigious tournament. Additionally the deck has both Left and Right in it, who were seen as useless due to their single icon.

Congrats Sam!

dahaka 21

What a good player! impressive ! love to see my favorite house still up ! since 1.0 ! and forever! UNBOWED, UNBENT, UNBROKEN !!!

Kurlin 1

Interesting plot setup with Naval Superiority and 2x Summons

Dydra 1499

Is this the same deck I said it was great? Great…

azgadil 1

This is a very difficult deck to pilot. Without a lot of card draw, I’m very curious how he pulled this off. He must have pulled some awesome plot guesses because he doesn’t have initiative all across the board (quite a few low initiative cards Summons)

samuellinde 7

There are definitely better cards in the game than Left and Right obviously, but calling a card useless for being monocons? At cost 2? I sure hope we will see less of the tendency that became prevalent in 1.0 where you in the end of the game’s lifespan could get non-unique cheap tricons with almost no drawback (Iron Islands Reaver, for example).

Sorry if I was slightly off-topic. :-) Congrats to Sam for building and piloting like a worthy champion.

SDthrones 20

Anyone who calls left and right useless has not played with them much.

Bronze 60

What worlds tournament?

samuellinde 7

This one. The 2.0 tournament was officially a side event (I think), but first price included a card design, so I don’t think anyone cared what it was called.

Jensen22 227

@azgadil There are 3 plots in this deck that don’t have a strong chance to win Initiative. Calm Over Westeros is likely the most common opener. Summons are there to get the pieces needed to answer the board state, and its better than draw, its tutor. Getting the exact card you need for the situation is extremely strong. I do agree that this deck is hard to pilot though. I do not think it is a world beater in any pilot’s hands. Most decks run Both Confiscation and Wildfire Assault, which can be easily predictable for a good player such as Braatz. Marched to the Wall is a good answer to Wildfire Assault, especially for this deck that forces your opponent into playing it. Naval Superiority is a good answer to Confiscation, and easily predictable most times being played the turn after a Milk of the Poppy hits the board.

Click5 14

I’m curious how this updates with the new chapter pack. My first hunch would be a straight swap of Left and Right for three Bastard Daughters and an Arbor Knight.

Jensen22 227

I think I would keep both Left and Right in the deck. With all the tutor this deck runs, having a nearly on demand answer for GJ’s The Seastone Chair seems like a very good way to protect Arianne Martell. Margaery Tyrell allows either of them to stand up to Balon Greyjoy.

Metronomus 1

After some testing, the biggest challenge is to know when to force varys through… At the point you manage to get it right every time, or at least pretty often you pretty much have an auto win. The deck to beat at the moment, in the hands of a good player.

SizemattersHS 14

I wonder what changes will be made on this deck since TTB legal now. Any thoughts and i dont believe Sam’s is in ThronesDB. I could be wrong though

gtown31 6

What is TTB? Take the Black? why was it illegal?

dahaka 21

cause it was not oficially launched when the tournament happened so it was not legal at the time.