Lanni Kraken - new standard all rounded (4-1 record in Dutch

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Barnie25 221

On the 7th of January the first Dutch Team Tournament took place. My team took first, sporting an unbeaten record. The sample size of my record is not extremely large but its enough to really get to know the deck and the merits that the deck has.

I won't do a round to round recap, instead I will write about my match ups based on faction and explain what worked and what didn't. Also I will go a bit in to depth about some of my card choices.

The match ups:

2 Greyjoy Fealty(2 wins)

1 Stark Fealty (1 Win)

2 Lannister Rains (1 Win)

First lets start with the Lanni Rains match up. This match up is very interesting, their agenda has more power but this deck has the upper hand in terms of card quality. I faced two flavors of Rains, a Harrenhal (FFH) build and a non Harrenhall build. Against the former the location control really shines combined with the control events. The latter is a tad tougher but the character quality really helps the deck.

The Greyjoy match ups can at times be tricky but if you get the jump on them and jump out of the gates swinging it can be hard for them to recover. In the tournament I managed to Newly-Made Lord back to back Iron Mines making his valar far less potent.

In the Stark match up I managed to get a lucky Ser Gregor Clegane trigger that swong the game in my favor. The one off Gregor really proved to be very effective in its role. It's a big scary looking dude that can enable both win by 5 events and overal can just cause some random trouble.

So what are the strengths of the deck?

Lanni Kraken itself is nothing new, but where this deck is different from a lot of other versions is that you can leverage the Valar Morghulis of your opponent. This deck has enough dupes and saves to play with the offensive valar decks and not get left out to dry. THe deck also has a lot of one off uniques that makes valar less important, sure it sucks if they die but you'll draw into new ones that are possible to impact the board.

If my opponent doesn't run valar then it just means that I can spam the board with impunity and totally overwhelm them. The single Joffrey Baratheon (Core) can provide some interesting closing power when combined with Wildfire.

This deck really tries to compete with the passive power decks that are rampant at the moment. NW and Painted Table decks are very very strong, and if not prepared for them will overwhelm most opponents. Therefore running 4 cards that interact with locations is crucial as well as 2 Iron Thrones to provide some passive power potential of myself.

No Confiscation? Yeah Milk of the Poppy is still a card but a lot good players are dropping the card in favor of my reliable options as of late. Valar really diminished the value of Milk and as previously mentioned being able to play with the passive power decks I wanted something that can provide me some push. Winter Festival does just that. Summons combined with 3 Rattleshirts is often enough to deal with any attachments that come your way. In non NW / Bara match ups Winter Festival can power up the deck and really help you close out games.

Is it the best deck in the meta? Definitely not, but what it does is provide you with answers to almost any strategy and therefore is a very strong safe pick in an somewhat open field.

And also if it wasn't clear before Victarion Greyjoy, Tywin Lannister (Core), Tyrion Lannister (Core), The Hound and Treachery are still very, very powerful cards.


arathorn 1

ruben, you have 25 targets for ocean road but only 22 (if you count widows wail and burned man) for fiefdoms? ...

Barnie25 221

@arathorn While this is true most of my expensive characters are Lannister characters and therefore I opted to run the fiefdoms. I contemplated running a 1/1 split, which is also fine.

Dembers 1

Would you change some plot by Political Disaster?

Barnie25 221

@DembersThere is no room for the plot. Personally I am not a fan of it as you are not guaranteed to have it do anything and the stats on it are just bad, I'd rather run NML and PTTT, both who have either either more targets or are useful as a general body.