Grandmother Queen in the North - Madrid SC Winner (24p)

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Spanish Nationals Top 4 and 1st of the Swiss 68p 33 18 8 1.0
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Manuel CabezalĂ­ 446

This is the deck I played yesterday in the Store Championship in Padis, Madrid. It's basically an update of the same deck I used in the spanish nationals (King of the Swiss and top 4) and in Dorne Tournament (2nd in Swiss, top 8).

I went undefeated through the whole day, playing against:

  1. 1st round Targaryen Fealty
  2. 2nd round Martell LotC
  3. 3rd round Stark Fealty
  4. 4th round Targaryen banner of the Kraken
  5. top 4 Night's Watch KoW
  6. Final Targaryen banner of the Kraken

The deck is all about massive protection and power gain, as you can see. Some of the most recent changes included the 3rd copy of Jory Cassel (he's money against aggro decks playing 2-claim winter plots, and also against Valar Morghulis of course) and removing most of the offensive stuff (Ward, Ice) to put some more defensive stuff like Nightmares and Frozen Solid.

Any question, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer :) Suggestions are also welcome! The deck is always open and changing.


Descent 1

Interesting deck. With this deck how do you deal with Night's Watch fealty with all the Craven and Milk of the Poppy? After you burn your confiscation how do you remove those attachments? Have you play tested against Night's Watch defensive wall decks? How does it fare?

Manuel CabezalĂ­ 446

`@DescentThere used to be a couple of Arya's Gift in the deck back in the day, but now that Milk of the Poppy is less popular (in my meta, at least) they ended up being dead cards in most games. However, the matchup against those decks isn't that bad at it may seem, since this deck packs much more "passive" power gain than the usual Stark decks: Catelyn Stark (WotN), Riverrun Minstrel, Sansa Stark (Core), The Iron Throne, Winter Festival, Riverrun. All of those cards gain power for you even if you don't win any challenge. It's still one difficult matchup, but I guess you could remove some copy of Nightmares or the single copy of Ice and add a couple of Arya's Gift if Night's Watch Wall decks are popular in your area. It's not that popular in mine, that's why I haven't considered making other matchups harder for me in order to make that one easier.