Please don't play Barring the Gates!

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None. Self-made deck here.
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"Please no Barring the Gates!" Winner Regional Hamburg 6-0 9 6 2 2.0

Diomedes 525

This deck is pretty straight forward: kill everyone! Most opponents are completely caught off guard by the number of kills this deck can produce.


blp 1

This deck is a beast. Got five kills in the first round thanks to Trial by Combat plus regular military on The Long Winter. Add a Treachery'ed The Kingsroad the next round, and the opponent couldn't marshal anything.

Diomedes 525

Thanks! Yeah, games can be over pretty quick. :-)

I usually don't open The Long Winter because of the low reserve, but I think The Annals of Castle Black is a great way to mitigate the impact of reserve. So I would propose the following changes:

+The Annals of Castle Black -Counting Coppers

+Tourney Grounds -Golden Tooth

+The Dragon's Tail -Treachery