Please no Barring the Gates! - Winner Regional Hamburg (6-0)

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Please don't play Barring the Gates! 2 2 2 1.0
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Diomedes 2857

I won the Hamburg regional this weekend with this surprising deck. The deck has one gameplan: clear the board! Most opponents are completely caught off guard by the number of kills this deck can produce. Many people switch from Fealty to Rains or Crossing or high-impact plots with fewer gold because of the new econ locations. I think this opens up possibilities for winter choke to make a comeback. The surprise factor also is something to consider. Many opponents simply didn't know what to expect. Even going second doesn't help them because I hardly marshal any characters.


1-0 Win vs Fealty

I set up Cersei vs 2 dragons. He marched, i played The First Snow of Winter which left him with an empty board and a reserve of 4. His Plaza of Pride was put to the torch. On turn 2, I cleared his board (duped Drogo and Rhaegal) with a Put to the Sword and claim 2. He conceded after that.

2-0: Win vs Rains

is the worst matchup with Vengeance for Elia and Burning on the Sand. Luckily, this was an icon control deck which isn't as effective when I don't marshal anyone. He played Arianne Martell on my First Snow of Winter opening. I ambushed Stone Crows, then he exchanged Arianne Martell for Nymeria Sand and stole the icon. Time for some Shagga action, he jumps in for free, kills his fellow iconless Stone Crows, attacks , allows some Moon Brothers to get into action and kills Nymeria for claim. He valared next turn and could never get a decent board after that.

3-0: Win vs Summer

The builders matchup is tricky because I have to wait with The First Snow of Winter and the claim 2 plots. I played Winter Festival and Counting Coppers and let him get ahead on power thanks to the Wall. Sadly, he was able to get a 2nd Castle Black Mason and Grizzled Miner out during my First Snow turn. Despite 2 Practice Blades I managed to kill 2 of his guys. On the obligatory Famine follow-up he played Halder and a Builder at the Wall, but I managed to clear his board with a high STR challenge including a jumped Timett Son of Timett. He conceded before Cersei would discard his last 3 cards in hand. Bestowed Stone Crows were the MVP this game.

4-0: Win vs Fealty

Another Martell deck focussed on icon control, luckily without the deadly events. His 2x Marched to the Wall actually helped me keep his board empty. I managed to put his Dornish Fiefdom to the torch on turn 2. With only 1 econ location left to him, I quickly got the upper hand and won the swiss.

5-0: Win vs Fealty

We got a direct rematch after the cut to top 4. This time the game went to plot 9. He saw 8 limited locations over the course of the game and riddled my Counting Coppers, so he was able to get some characters out each turn and had still enough gold to deny some challenges with Areo Hotah and 2 Southron Messengers. On turn 8 he stopped my attack this way, but then Cersei got harrenhaled in, I canceled his Hand's Judgment against my Trial by Combat and his board was wiped. I continued with Winter Festival to close the game.

6-0: Win vs Rains

This was the most one-sided game of the day because I had the classic setup after a mulligan: Tywin, reducer, roseroad (with only 2x Tywin and 3 limited locations in this deck!). He got Cersei and 2 chuds who got bounced by my First Snow of Winter. We both played Tyrion, I attacked with the Hound killing his ambushed Burned Men. He swung back with STR 8, I canceled Tyrion with Treachery which was huge considering his Trial by Combat in hand. My Tyrion and his Cersei got marched while I kept the pressure up with a claim 2 plot. I put one of his econ locations to the torch. He had to valar which got his Tyrion killed, but he couldn't allow my Tywin to live. He wasn't able to get back into the game with only 1 econ location and my winter choke.


Lannister 377

Congrats mate! I think I played against you at Throneteki once against this deck. Ive been playing a version of my own. And it really kicks ass. Didn't you ever miss Marched to the wall? In my experience, Gj with plenty of salvations or decks with plenty of winis and Flea bottom, can complicate getting rid of the last super protected dude. I was wondering if swapping one of the winter claim 2 plots could be a good idea. What are your thoughts?

Diomedes 2857

Thanks! :)

Marched is definitely a natural fit, but I almost never wished I had it instead of a claim 2 plot. There are enough means to clear the board. Greyjoy can be annoying, but you have 2x The Hand's Judgment, 2x Treachery and 1x Put to the Torch against their saves. Super-duped ladies or stuff is definitely worse. It happened a couple of times that the opponent marched his last character for me because he expected me to flip Marched and wanted to hit 2 of my characters. :-P

Flea Bottom is definitely a game-changer. Repeatable claim soak for 1 gold per turn really hits this deck. I doubt that the deck still works when Oberyn's Revenge is legal at tournaments.