Bastards of the Flame and Sun : House Baratheon

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Jadehope 75

At first, I was looking at Gendry and wondering how I could get him on the Iron Throne by always claiming dominance. Then I noticed his Bastard trait. With that in mind I started looking through the other houses looking for any other bastards and found plenty in House Martell. After meeting Ellaria Sand and her daughters, I knew I had to make a deck of bastards that could destroy the opponent's hand and combo if the timing was right. So like anyone who wants to reign dominance supreme I turned to The Lord of Light and Melisandre, and hence this deck was born from the flames. Enjoy.

Tips: Don't forget to use "Ellaria Sand" to force the opponent to defend with a higher total strength from her power challenge, or you get to stand all bastards. This will greatly help with dominance.

Most of your income will be coming from "In Doran's Name", so be sure to use "The Annals of Castle Black" effectively so you can use "In Doran's Name" from your discard pile.

I thought using two "Time of Plenty" plot cards would be fine, as there is so much destruction of the opponent's hand happening with Melisandre, attachments and events; not discounting the added bonus of hopefully assisting the "White Raven". Plus, I'm always incredibly nervous of using a kingdom plot card for major income due to "Naval Superiority".

"Condemned" and "Nymeria Sand" combo together incredibly well to make some opponent characters useless.

Don't forget to combo the "Light of the Lord" R'hllor trait with "Seen in Flames" and "Red God's Blessing". Get the R'hllor trait on as many characters as possible to make "Red God's Blessing" as powerful as possible.

Remember, if you're first player and have an "In the name of the King" event in hand, don't fear going all out with a military assault.

Always be wary of "Marched to the Wall" with this Deck.


Atanas (Nasi) Keranov 270

Hi! I think there are a couple of things that you need to revisit in the way you play the deck:

  1. You cannot copy your own The Annals of Castle Black with your own Varys's Riddle. Riddle will only copy the opponents' currently revealed plot.

  2. I do not know what do you mean when saying "combo Light and Seen" (maybe the trait) but I'll just mention it is not possible to trigger Light of the Lord and Seen In Flames because the former is a Dominance Action while the latter is a Challenges Action.

Other than that, very good description! I'd suggest you to take a look at Northern Encampment and Saving the Kingdom since you aim to win dominance anyway.

Jadehope 75

Thank you very much for making that very relevant point at.keranov. I've been playing varys's riddle wrong for a while now. I'm glad I wouldn't be making that mistake again and will remove that detail from the description.

Yes I was talking about comboing the trait and the event card. I feel many people miss that "Lord of Light" gives a Baratheon character that trait which also combos well with the "Red God's Blessing".

I also decided against using "Saving the Kingdom" as there's never a guarantee the opponent will have a 3 strength character in play when it's in your hand. I always try to design my decks with the ideology that every card is relevant in all but the most unlikely of situations. I've run into a lot of expensive unique only decks thanks to the "Great Hall", so I try to avoid cards that only target low-strength cards on the opponent's side.

Many thanks again.

Lemonbrick 8

im not much of a deck builder but I feel the sun spear should be changed to 2 iron thrones, if dom is the thing and I would add some Asshai Priestess for control the join the whole theme

Thesaints 13

You have olny three economy location. Don't you have gold problems ?

Madus 7

Hey fellow Barath player !

@Jadehope: beware, Light of the Lord does not give you character a R'hllor trait. It's not like Red God's Blessing.

I think it's shame you don't play Flea Bottom Bastard which could help you in winning Dom and they are Bastards. On the other hand, i would play only 1 copy of Elia Sand.

Ours is the Fury is a great card but I'm not sure it comboes with other cards here. And it is costly.

I agree with @at.keranovplaying Northern Encampment would boost your eco. But with only 1 The Iron Throne i'm not sure you'll always win the dom and if you don't, your deck will be greatly weaken.

Did you notice you have only 2 characters in x3 that are not unique ? Without Close Call it can be very dangerous. That means if you don't have the proper duplicates in play during a Valar Morghulis you'll end with dead cards in your hand or in you deck.

Finally, this is the first time I see someone playing Called Into Service. How do you find this plot ?

Jadehope 75

Thanks for the continued feedback everyone!

You keep listing all these fantastic cards from the few chapter packs I am yet to get. lolz. Living in Japan makes it considerably harder and longer to get my hands on them too.

However, thanks to at.keranov and Madus's small rule realizations and recommendations, the deck has undergone several improvements and its now 3-0. I think it's close to perfect now with 100% focus on winning and maintaining dominance and power challenges, and thankfully still sticking mainly to the "Bastard" theme. lolz. Will keep you posted after some more play-testing.