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jgruss42 1

Night's Watch discard deck with heavy event package. Martell banner adds a few useful wrinkles: Orphan of the Greenblood

I have played the traditional Night Gathers... decks in non-competitive environments, but that was a few months ago. Adding Flea Bottom (which makes Fallen from Favor MUCH easier to play - and the 7 reserve helps activate Night Gathers... with a good amount of gold), The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due, Mutiny At Craster's Keep gives that deck even more traction than it had before.


Von Wibble 115

I have looked at a deck like this, mine was called YoYoYoren as the Orphan is there mostly for him. Ran every steal effect except Night Gathers - the reason being it also ran 2 lower reserve plots - Marched and Marched.

How are you finding Mutiny? Too often when I draw it I don't want to lose the character myself, but I suppose you only really have Aemon you might want to lose, and TIBWHID helps to mitigate it too.

jgruss42 1

Mutiny has been pretty effective this far. It's obviously more useful early in the game to get their big guys into the discard bin. Once you start pulling their bigs out of the pile, the benefit is reduced. Plot-wise, I have dropped ToP for Marched in my newest build. The FFF x 2 is just too good 7/7/7 works so well, and after a varys turn there is nothing to lose, and if I have a nights gathers I'l want to go first to marshal their bigs before they put them back on the board. This is still very much a work in progress.