Melting The Wall and Burning Dorne on the Sands

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siroma 294

Begging Brother's & Political Disaster shuts down Night's watch and Martell decks. Rest of the deck is standard fare. Still testing.

Goal is to proactively apply pressure with challenge control and build a superior board. Slow decks lose out to political disaster as only 1 valar is insufficient to win the board back if you can beg out/nightmares the varys. May have trouble with tyrell, but tyrell generally lacks kill pressure so you can eventually build up the better board.

Cards on edge - Hand's judgements. Deck originally had 2, but cut them for A dragon is no slave. Looking for cards to cut to get them back.

2nd Plaza of Pride, punishment. With 2 dragon is no slaves, punishment gets better. Pride is good for tossing cards for flea bottom, but the large amount of 3 cost characters means that there is a limited pool of good characters to stand with it. Still a good card though.

Cards that could be cut

Handmaiden - their only target is Dany, but since they sacrifice themselves they can come back every turn to do their thing. bringing back the second sons is probably usually better though.

3rd Viserys - the deck should (hypothetically) have a good matchup vs Martell and Night's watch already, so cycling into Viserys to get rid of cravens and milks may not be as necessary.

Grey worm - he's expensive and good on offense, but that's about it. Only burning until end of the challenge kind of sucks.

Great Hall/Illyrio's estate - Still working on econ balance, as pol disaster makes running fewer locations more attractive. May decide to cut one or two.

x2 Nightmares - It's a good card, but its largest uses are going to be blanking locations on early turns or things like the wall on a blood of the dragon turn. Brothers takes cares of varys, but nightmares as extra insurance is always nice. Could be removed for aforementioned judgements to improve Greyjoy and Targ matchups.

Plot choices

Core choices

Political disaster - Good in a Martell/Night's watch meta. Can pretty much instantly win you the game.

Marched to the wall - gets rid of isolated character and punishes bad setups. Can often seal games.

Blood of the Dragon - kills weenies, ensures challenges go through with astapor. Larger kill threat with plazas, Dany, dracarys, and A dragon is no slave.

Economy choices -

Late Summer Feast - I chose this over trading with the pentoshi in order to maximize tempo gain. Most decks hit reserve cap on turn 1-2 anyways, so they gain little card advantage even if you draw them a bunch of cards. Being able to establish a more dominant board and thin out their characters is usually worth the tradeoff. If they try to flood out little guys, blood of the dragon can clean up after you get some econ going.

Time of Plenty - solid gold and provides an extra card. More of a flex slot, if you don't like giving the card something like noble cause or varys' riddle can work in this slot

Situational picks - Counting coppers - offers the biggest card swing, and if you have a couple of ports and other econ locations out the 2 gold can easily become 5-6. Usually sits in my deck until plots 5-7, but always nice to have.

Retaliation - a one sided valar with khal drogo, and a powerful play into opposing valars. Guaranteed second is good vs decks like night's watch and Martell, but you probably don't want to play this until you've secured the board vs Greyjoy.

Plots on edge -

Varys' Riddle - Good for a summer meta, and a solid plot overall

Valar - Good against wide boards (stark/night's watch), but most big character decks run bodyguards, dupes, and other saves. Close contender.

Building Orders - Lots of great locations to find (and a crown), especially after a political disaster.

Summons - If you really want to tutor for Dany/Dragons. I don't find it super necessary


Stormborn 193

17 locations in a Political Disaster deck seems strange to me. I'd add 3 Kingsroads and take out 4 other limited locations.

siroma 294

Kingsroads are a good point. 17 locations felt fine in playtesting, and with kingsroads it should be better. Discarding a location or two to wipe out your opponents is usually fine, and in matchups where you don't want a early disaster having the econ out is still important. Revamped decklist.

siroma 294

Changes made - +3 Kingsroad -2 Nightmares +2 Hand's Judgement -1 Great Hall -2 Illyrio's Estate

Comm 1

I like your deck, especially Political Disaster !

You've completely cut Targaryen Loyalist, don't you feel they are missing sometimes? In particular, this is economy on Political Disaster turn.

With 4 characters at 6+ gold, aren't you afraid of Duel ?

I read you're latest changes to include Kingsroad. If you're not running Valar, I think you better go for 2x Slaver's Bay Port and 2x Illyrio's Estate .

I would also remove 1x Flea Bottom and 1x Second Sons to put back the 2x Nightmares : as you say, it's another counter to Varys , but it can really help in so many other situations.

siroma 294

Loyalists are better in a more aggressive meta as what is effectively free claim soak. Also blood of the dragon wipes them so they felt pretty mediocre.

As for duel, only a few specific lists run it, i.e. Martell, and with that knowledge you should be able to play around it. That being said, if duel is often run in your meta, grey worm and mirri can be dropped for something cheaper. I do like the 1x Mirri though as she can shut down games if unanswered.

I feel 3x port is definitely the way to go, the gold it gives is far more flexible than the estate in terms of playing events etc. The ports are also good to keep in play or in hand for the turns after political disaster. In terms of what locations I normally keep, it's Astapor->Plaza of Punishment->Ports->Flea bottom->Roseroads->estate. Do note that you can save from punishment so duping flea bottom or astapor could save you an extra location.

3x Flea bottom is actually silly strong. May consider cutting the 3rd second sons though. Problem is, the deck is at 15 neutral cards already post kingsroad inclusions, and I personally probably value the 3rd flea bottom over a single copy of nightmares.

Comm 1

Thanks for your answers.

I'm considering The God's Eye. It's not cheap, but it's a resource that will stay on Political Disaster, and the increased reserve is not bad considering the low reserve value on some plots. I will make some tests and see how it goes.

I'm concerned about The First Snow of Winter, the deck is pretty vulnerable to it (unless you have Flea Bottom in play and Second Sons in discard). Don't know what would be the best answer to that. Maybe Forgotten Plans...

siroma 294

Flea bottom and to an extent, astapor and dupes really are the only answer to first snow you have, unfortunately, so a turn 1-2 first snow before you have any econ up or before you manage to keep your opponent from developing a board can be pretty devastating. If you want some cards more resistant to first snow adding in 4 cost characters like unsullied might be your best bet. First Snow just has traditionally destroyed most targ decks. Forgotten plans is good but it can be difficult to tell what deck is running first snow (generally lannister IMO).

As for God's Eye, I personally don't think it will work for 2 reasons, it's neutral and its expensive. This deck is a tempo deck focused on shutting down the opponent and maintaining the stronger board, and dumping 3 gold in the first few turns will be quite devastating towards that plan. Even after the 3 turns, you are looking at 3 more turns for it to pay itself off. I think it's just too slow. Also, because you're at the 15 card neutral cap its hard to find cards to cut for it.