He Call it "102" - Tyrell Crossing Top 16 Italian National

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Lawyer 327

The tournament had a field of 144 players. The deck ( From an old concept in my meta of Andrea Nomellini ) performed extremely well during all the matches, even the missed ones during my tragic day two.

"The cheese will be served when I want it served, and I want it served now". - Queen of Thorns

After a great day one (Record of 6-0) I played less concentrated and tired (I did not really like the restricted swiss format, i though the classic swiss + cut is better ) and then I've deserved to lost the last three rounds of swiss and the Top 16 match, for a swiss rematch against Fabiano's Martell Fealty deck for a thoughtful match 13 to 15 that he deserved. Great person and Player!

( Finita la benzina! e la chiappa! :D )

A big hug to all my opponents, they were all high-level games, and relaxed.

I send a big greetings to Pietro Donati, for our crazy game, he blocked me for three rounds at 14 points, with a Builders blue icon wall. In the end, we count together the strength of the characters on each side to see if we had to play again, although playing well to not give information to the other. Was fun. I really like that kind of person.

And a great greeting, to Rosaria, and Marco for their sympathy and sweetness!

Thanks to all the Italian community for this crazy tournament, but above all thanks to my meta-mates, I love you all ( Khal we miss you so much!!! )

And finally, but not for importance, thanks to Ivan Migliavacca and Stefano Incrocci ( who deserved the final, with some changes of the last moment, that i did not believe ) for working these weeks on ideas for a deck to be brought to national

is the only challenge that counts! Team Cervi Volanti FTW


kaikou 407

Congratulations for this top 16.

Did you find duel a problem using 3 different 6+ gold characters? Did you have any problem facing NW (Damn you Craven and Mutiny At Craster's Keep)? Why aren't you running Flea Bottom?

Thank you for your answers :)

Lawyer 327

Thx @kaikouit was the largest National Championship ever!

on your question:

Duel : Was played against me during the swiss only one time by a Builder's deck. In generale it doesn't hurt too much the deck, 'cose of Ghosts of Harrenhal ad in any case you have enough big guys to play

it was a field full of NW but a lot of them play char like Jon Snow (WotW) and Qhorin Halfhand then duel probably has little impact

Craven and other control attachment: They are a problem for a rush deck 'cose you need your char, free to take power from renown and trigger theyr ability. Confiscation and Weapons at the Door are you best fiend. I've won 2 games against NW thanks to Weapons at the door, going first, playing characters, making the last points I needed and one against a Lannister/Banner of the wolf that would have stolen Garlan, with Ward and put more milk on my char.

Mutiny At Craster's Keep: Never seen in play i know that is really strong, but probably the NW meta did not metabolize it but this deck have a toons of copy i don't care much about it.

Flea Bottom : A really impactful card in the meta i love it. It did not find room 'cose the goal is playing big guys then locations are all for econoy. The tw/three costs Char are expendables for claim soak then is not fundamental here.

NW Strategy: Do your game, leave them to do their passive game. Making powers from renown and agenda winning a last big challenge each round then, if the annoying attachment comes Weapons at the Door is your best friend.