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HouseSotong 66

Hi! Ervin from the Singapore meta here. Much gratitude to Chewy & his small council for organising South East Asia's The Siege of Mereen tournament. Much thanks to Battlefield Bangkok for hosting us and providing the venue for the tourney. Many thanks to my Singapore meta mates for the fun times travelling together on this Bangkok trip!

All packs up to Oberyn's Revenge were legal for this tournament.

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Quick TR: Round One - BYE Round Two vs Matt Wisbey's Martell Watch - WIN Round Three vs Elyssa's Tyrell Summer - WIN Round Four vs CK's Stark Fealty - WIN Round Five vs Tanyathep's Stark Crossing - WIN Round Six vs Kenn's GJ Rains - WIN TOP 8 vs Kenn's GJ Rains - LOSS

Long TR: (Round Two vs Matt Wisbey's Martell Watch - WIN) Matt started with some non-unique 4 costers that were able to fend off most of my challenges, he also pulled off Mutiny At Craster's Keep twice and discarded some of my big dudes. I was able to discard his econ locations with We Do Not Sow & Nightmares + Newly-Made Lord to ensure a small board. Euron also pillaged The Wall which I gladly took over. I closed the gap in power on my Winds of Winter turn doing a power challenge with claim 2.

(Round Three vs Elyssa's Tyrell Summer - WIN) A classic Summer vs Winter game, neither of us could really benefit from our agendas. Ely opened with Ser Robar Royce and another knight, which I decided to open with Barring the Gates to kneel Robar cos of winter. I was able to get through a few challenges to discard her econ with We Do Not Sow, The turning point was when she claimed a cost 4 knight, rendering her board of low costers vulnerable to The First Snow of Winter, plus pressure from a subsequent Famine and The Winds of Winter, I was able to close the game with King Balon and some renown.

(Round Four vs CK's Stark Fealty - WIN) I setup with Balon, reducer and Sea Tower, we both opened Noble Cause. I was able to play out another reducer location, Euron and an Iron Mine. He had Fast Eddy, Winterfell and a few chuds out. I played First Snow next as I had 4 high costers out soon and went first to apply intrigue and mil pressure. Famine and Winds of Winter followed shortly applying claim 2 mil and power pressure, closing the game with Euron. King Balon, Vicky , Theon and Asha all out, even took Winterfell over using Sea Bitch to ensure that I won power challenge and close.

(Round Five vs Tanyathep's Stark Crossing - WIN) This was quite a challenging game as Tanya had a good lead in power with crossing. The game turned on my First Snow + Famine turns, reducing his board state a little and slowing the power gain. He was around 11-12 power while I was at 11 power close to closing and flipped Winter Festival, I flipped The Winds of Winter, went first and managed closing with renown on King Balon and Vicky.

(Round Six vs Kenn's GJ Rains - WIN) Both of us had decent starts and Kenn was actually close to closing, but he made an error of valaring too soon and used up his saves, on my Famine turn, I had wildling scout, King Balon and a chud, he only had a chud and Euron stacked with Risen and Corsair's Dirk. I gaved Balon stealth with sacrificing scout and wiped out his board with Relentless Assault on two claim 2 military. Closing the game the next plot as he didnt have much chuds to block my challenges.

(TOP 8 vs Kenn's GJ Rains - LOSS) This was the hardest game of all as Kenn had Euron out turn 1 and was able to keep taking my Iron Mines to save his characters. I made an error of playing Relentless Assault too early on a claim 1 plot, though forcing him to Risen his Euron and Asha. Euron again stole my mines and his offensive valar managed to clear my board with Balon left, being 1 renown and power short I only made it to 14 power on my Winds turn before dropping further as Balon was killed, and I top decked into only a chud and reducer while he had Asha with Appointed. GG. On hindsight, keeping Relentless for my claim 2 plot & focusing all out on power challenges would have been better for me since he kept taking my saves.

Ultimately, I made King of Swiss, 6-0, and won some sweet alt arts, and was Best Greyjoy after Swiss rounds. Grateful to my meta mates for reassuring me to play the deck I was most comfortable with, GJ Winter, and it worked out really well!

[Deck Thoughts] I decided on GJ Winter especially to counter the prevalence of Flea Bottom & a plethora of 'jumping' decks, like Lanni Jumpers, Tyrell & Tinder Marge, Martell Jumpers, NW's 'put into play' effects. I decided on Sea Bitch x2 rather than Put to the Torch x3 as after much playtesting I realised I wanted control of juicy locations like The Wall, Winterfell, Ghaston Grey, Pride, and Torch may not always trigger successfully. Crucial Winter plots like Barring the Gates x2, The First Snow of Winter + Famine combo & The Winds of Winter were essential to help maintain pressure and control on my opponents board. This deck is particularly suited to counter NPE decks like Builders, Wonder Woman (Lanni Rose Jumpers) and One Punch Viper (Martell Rose). Post-deck editing, I'll find space for Beric and regulate the non-unique character numbers lower. I'm happy with the locations and events suite so won't be changing them.


kenlau82 207

Nice deck !! This deck is so anti-meta right now. Huge suite of anti-locations. Gonna try something like this out in one of the game kits later.

Clu 250

Love it. I updated your old deck as well to win a local tournament. A lot of the same updates plus I went x3 Dagmer and Iron Bank instead of Relentless assault. Great job!

HouseSotong 66

@kenlau82 Thank you for your kind words & All the best for your game night kit tourney! @CluGlad you love it! Well done on winning your local tourney! How did Iron Bank worked for you?

Clu 250

@HouseSotong it works well with dropping Newly Made Lord a couple turns in a row as well as additional gold to play Dagmer since he isn't a Lord. It also helps power more options during First Snow of Winter turns.