The Seven Are Coming

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heyguysitsmerob 40

I'm not gonna lie, this deck isn't absolutely fantastic, but I am of the opinion that it's among the best Faith Militant decks that you can make at the present moment. There's a frightful lack of "The Seven" traited characters that are actually good in the game right now, so the rest of the deck is filled out with cards specifically to counter things that are prevalent in the meta at the moment, general goodstuff cards, and Flea Bottom shenanigans. My goal in publishing this decklist is to incite conversation about how to improve it, since most people believe The Faith Militant is hot garbage from what I've observed.

Mission Statement: To choke your opponent out with the High Sparrow and, even if he doesn't appear, make the worst of what your opponent is able to put out with attrition-based card effects.


The Seven: The High Sparrow isn't a fantastic card, but in my opinion he needs to be here if only just for Nedliness. The plot deck is built around him for the most part, which I'll discuss later. People rag on the High Septon, but he's a godlike card versus Burn Targaryen and WILL save your bacon. Plus, he's a "The Seven" character with an actually good body. I'm using Core Catelyn Stark instead of Fat Cat. She's better for blocking your opponent's options, and gives you at least one challenge with a "The Seven" character you're guaranteed to win per round if your board is set up well enough. In this meta, not having to deal with Hotah, Flea Bottom, events, etc. for even just one challenge can't be underestimated. Warrior's Sons and Devout Freerider are both efficient bodies with the needed trait. Septa Mordane and House Tully Septon are just here to fill out the ranks until better Seven bodies come along, the former occasionally synergizing with our Goodstuff cards, and the latter giving us a cost reduction in a pinch.

Stark Goodstuff: Summer, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Sansa Stark, Ramsay Snow, and Last Hearth Scouts. That last one is the most dubious, but is a strong counter to the Martell Madness going on right now.

Flea Bottom Shenanigans: Bear Island Loyalist is your go-to guy for abuse of Breaking Ties with Flea Bottom. Sansa will work in a pinch, but you'd rather not remove her from your board unless it's late game.


Breaking Ties: Super abusable card with Flea Bottom. Use this an aggro tool to wither your opponent's board down even further, possibly leaving only one strong loyal character, setting you up for Marched next turn.

Marched to the Wall: Essential here. Great on the turn after Breaking Ties or the turn you plan to play Ramsay Snow.

Late Summer Feast: The ideal is to play this plot, manage to go first, then drop The High Sparrow. You get your 9 gold, and your opponent's gold gets reduced, plus they only get to draw 1 card.

Counting Coppers: This is the plot I'm least sure of. As good as it always is when High Sparrow fails to appear, trash when he does. Suggestions on what to replace this with are welcome.

Political Disaster: Underused plot that will win you the game sometime, especially against these Martell decks that just throw down 9 locations and wait to win.

Time of Plenty (used to be Trading with the Pentoshi): One of the best opening plots in the game. Summer Harvest against it isn't disastrous, especially if you get to go first and drop the High Sparrow before they collect gold.

Valar Dohaeris: Great reset for this deck. Lets you shove your Ramsay off the board so he can go again, widdles your opponent's board down for possibly a Breaking Ties or Marched next round, and this deck is filled with low cost characters.

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SergSel 31


I have also tried the Seven theme, but it did not work for me, there are just not enough characters with the trait and most important no "bomb" characters that could dictate play. I guess it should get better with the next chapter pack with Seven Pointed Star and Great Sept of Baelor. Stark (although that it not Nedly) feels like home for the agenda, I prefer to think that it ios Tullys who are keen on The Seven religion, cause other Starks are Old Gods guys.

As to your deck, why do you run Last Hearth Scouts and Flea Bottom together - it looks anti-synergistic to me. I guess one should go the whole way and play Flea or counter it as much as possible.