The Golden Army - Undisputed - Tournament Barcelona (15ppl)

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SerCarter 113

I´ve been testing this deck for a while now. It´s, by far, the most enjoyable and fun deck I´ve played. This deck is based in tricks and combos to control the board all the time.

Counters:The King in the North or Barring the Gates are in play. I will add the new Hizdahr zo Loraq, for obvious reasons, it fits perfectly well and it´s a king.

How to play it:

(With Aegon) Depending on the board, you can choose:

Best Combos:


vs Jaino - Martel/ Wolf (Win)

Jaino is an amazing player within the Catalan meta. He chose an old fashioned Martel-Wolf, and eventhough he had a horrible set up (Harrenhal - Nothing burns like the cold), he was able to get back into the match but I won when the time ran up.

vs Juan Hernandez - Martel/ Wars to Come (Win)

Juan is one of the best Martel players, and he knows well his house. I had control of the board for the most time until he used Dorans Game with 8 used plots and the game was even, but in the last round I had more power and the time was over.

vs Christian Torruella - Tyrell/ Wars to Come (Win)

Cristian is an amazing Tyrel player, he has won several tournaments with this house. However, my deck is especially effective with decks that play big characters. I know the timing was key in this match and I played patiently and after the 3 reset I got to 15 power.

vs Victor Marquina - Stark/ Wars to Come (Win)

Victor is one of the best players in the catalan meta. I´ve played few times against him and I knew I had to be 100% to be able to win. I had control of the board most of the match, because luckly for me he didn´t draw econ until too late, and by then I already got to 15.


This deck is not only fun, but very competitive. If you´d like to play it I recommend you to practice it a LOT, because you have soo many things to think about every turn that it might be exhausting to play, but when you get used to it´s amazing. You´ll find yourselfs with no characters and 5 gold, and at the end of the phase with 3-4 characters on the field.

If you have any questions I would love to answer them.

I hope you like it!


MeatLoafX 22

Love the deck! Where do you find room for the new Targ King?

TheBroFromHeaven 25

This deck certainly looks fun! I think im going to put it together :D

SerCarter 113

@MeatLoafXThanks! I was thinking of removing beggar (because this deck resets way too much to spend 5-6 gold in one card like this), and I´d like to add another one but I have to see wich card to remove.

@TheBroFromHeavenIt is so much fun, however you have to practice it a lot, since you have so many options. Let me know if you need any advice :)

MeatLoafX 22

I played it a bit last night with only a card or two different. Really, really fun. Thank you for sharing!

Najdzsel 1

Best combo continnued :

1 gold + secret schemes flea bottom + greenblood trader

Beciaku 1

@SerCarter Use At Prince Doran's Behest to have the most amount of Used plots and be able to re-use the plots you have. // pls can u explain me re-use the plots u have. i dont understand

Martozar 218

@Berciaku you can use your plots faster. 2nd Valar or 2nd Marched as the 7th plot is great :)

SerCarter 113

@BerciakuThere are two main reasons you want to use your plots as fast as you want:

  1. to get the most of your cards. Host of the bonaway, secret schemes, starfall cav - that are more efficient when there are 3 or more plots in your used pile.
  2. to be able to re use plots faster: marched & valar to reset, breaking ties & nothing burns to taget locations

Let me know if you have furhter questions :)

evilsponge 1

Fun deck but the Wall, Qohor, or anyone running Iron mines seems to keep their renown characters around long enough to gas through all the resets.

SerCarter 113

Yes, the new Wall deck is a pain in the ass, but you have to target locations with breaking ties and jade sea and then play Nothing burns to discard the wall, after that its very difficult for the opponent to get back.

For the saves, I never had a problem since you have enough tools to reset the board easily (gashton, varys, mirri, marched, breaking ties...)