The Kraken that was promised - Amsterdam GNK winner (15 peop

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Derived from
Alannys Bae-joy: The One True Queen (2nd UK Grand Champs) 31 21 19 1.0
Inspiration for
Fields of Fire - Second Place 2 1 0 1.0

starclown 120

This is the deck I went 6-0 (and winning) with in the most recent Dutch store champs. (Jousting pavilion link:

The The Prince that was Promised selected was Balon Greyjoy (Core) in every match.

It's based heavily on @hagarrr Alannys Bae-joy deck with a few changes to trigger the agenda more and a few for my own spin on it.

The overall strategy is to go first and keep pressure with some big dudes and rush to victory. Most games were over in plot 4 and the longest one on plot 6.

MVP's of the day where:

Cards I did not care about:

  • Maiden's Bane, drew in 2 games but never played it. As the 3 big guys have a stand anyways and I preferred to jump in other boats with Silence.
  • Asha Greyjoy (KotI) I only drew once and they did not play her because I had better uses for the gold.
  • The Seastone Chair, never drew it all day.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

Have you considered running king balon as that would give you 2 challenges that dont bow him and you would get to have him contribute for dominance? Plus with all the locations being able to give a +1 bonus that most players forget about, I find he can really help in times of need :) Since you don't like seastone why not add "Support of the People" to go and get the locations you do like, I figure the double trigger for the power challenge could be very helpful in 2 ways one getting a ship you need for an upcoming challenge and if you have Euron in play allowing you to play the ship from hand to straighten him. As for Asha try running the Core version as the built in standing ability can cause havoc early game, plus her stealth you cant go wrong. Just some thoughts to improve the synergy of an already strong deck. Nice deck and congrats on the store tournament win.

hagarrr 577

Congratulations on your win!

I have also changed to a prince Balon deck with very similar changes. The only notable differences now is that I run Theon Greyjoy (Core) instead of Theon Greyjoy (TFoA) to help push the power challenge through (and FSoW resilience), and I dropped Valar Morghulis for Weapons at the Door as Azor Ahai Reborn was running rampant locally.

Unlike @Kakita_Rinseiabove, I certainly prefer Core Balon instead of King Balon, as although King can be standing for Dominance and get you an extra power, Core Balon will get you two extra unopposed power, help you trigger the agenda easier, and trigger your Great Kraken and We Do Not Sow...

Kakita_Rinsei 28

My suggestion of king Balon is because of the king plots. They can really shut down the deck for a turn or two. The King in the North, Your King Commands It are both brutal to face especially if you run against king focused decks that run 2 of each plot, May not seem like much but the not being able to collect renown for 2 turns is a shut down of a 4 power swing, and not being able to trigger effects with a deck that runs 36 individual cards that trigger is a great loss of tempo

starclown 120

Thank you both for your comments. I'm currently trying a version with an additional Great Kraken, core Asha and core Theon.

I would say that usually I don't have issues triggering nothing during the one The King in the North turn. In the tourney I think 3 people ran it. I did slow me down a bit, but usually not that much.