Shadows of the Burn

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KayJays 10

I have been playing around with a The Wars To Come deck because I am sick and tired of Greyjoy decks everywhere I go and the emergence of Shadow without any really effective counters besides building to specifically hard counter them.

Anyhow it is a pretty standard burn deck with a few twists with the cards and plot choices. It is beautiful to see the Jon Connington, Aegon Targaryen and Daario Naharis combo come of, with Brazen Beast as an alternative. Obviously when the new Ser Jorah Mormont is legal that is a definite inclusion perhaps replacing Brazen Beast.

There is plenty of burn, attachment removal, and economic board presence, very little in the way of control though. I was thinking of scrapping Trading with the Pentoshi for Forced March but everytime I do I really need that 10 gold.

Any suggestions to make it a more rounded deck? Milk of the Poppy and Strangler along with the Shadowblack Assassin combo is something I tried but often couldn't make the most of, but this is a hard counter for the new Stannis Baratheon (FotS) and Robert Baratheon (Core), and a few others. Hired Assassin and Shadow Politics could help against Shadow but again where do I find the space without the deck just being a hard counter to specific decks.

Anyhow I put this out there for comments and/or suggestions, I think however in the current meta Rookery should play a large part to stop specific decks dominating all the big tournaments.


Gaurwaith 2

looks good. How does it perform if you donĀ“t draw the Connington combo? I would reduce dragon sight and play Dragonpit instead. Maybe 1 Qarth instead of one Shadow of the east. And the targ plot which gives everyone -1 and kills if zero

KayJays 10

@Gaurwaiththanks for your suggestions I will try them out and update. I originally didn't include the Blood of the Dragon because I was finding I was clearing the board quite well and the loss in gold momentum hurt more. However with The Dragonpit and City of Secrets this could make for a game changer. I am also including a copy of Raiding Khalasar to pair with Qotho which with the shadows assault could deal a devastating blow even to a board with a bunch of big baddies for very little cost.