Greyjoy Drowned-Sight - (4-2 at Dance V)

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P_Gedi 143

People were posting decks so thought I’d do it too; ended up going 4-2 at the tournament, missing the cut by SoS but it was all fun and games. I’d never played Drowned God before so thought I’d give it a go as disciple was off the list - now having played it I totally get why it’s on’s dumb - consistently gaining 6+ power in marshalling is not what the game is about, even if it’s pretty fun and funny; it’s probably not for your opponent.

Anyhoo the deck worked pretty well - Duel didn’t really do anything though; for some reason I was expecting loads of bigs with Aloof being allowed, when in fact it was dominated by Shadows...oh well. Forgotten plans was there for barring and first snow - didn’t do much but I’d probably still take it as a safety net.

Thanks for those who ran the tourney and the UK peeps who took part and kept the banter up all day (it was a long one).


JimmyNovak19 20

I like the choice of Greensight; the synergy with Nagga's Ribs is legit!

Any other takeaways or benefits you found with Greensight over other agendas?

thehumanh 174

Thanks for posting, I also love the Greensight/Ribs synergy. How did the Cudgel do for you?

Figured it's worth mentioning that if you're playing DG you actually want to see your opponent flip First Snow, it gives you the opportunity to bounce your Fanatic back to hand. :-) And Barring doesn't turn off Tarle because his ability is passive, so while it does nerf Old Wyk and Vince, it's not as hard on you as it is a shadows deck.

P_Gedi 143

@JimmyNovak19 - When I first started putting a deck together I actually started with banner Watch for 3x Benjen Stark and 3x Craster to try and get more power / dead pile recursion but it just wasn’t working. It was my mate Wamma who suggested Greensight and it just made sense. I did look at banner sun too, but Vince is just so much better in my opinion for the restricted choice. Greensight benefits a lot because of getting things into dead pile quicker, but is also a filtering mechanic to find your pieces faster. Only a few times you don’t trigger it - Tarle the Thrice-Drowned, Aeron Damphair (KotI) or Given to the Drowned God are the main ones.

@thehumanh - Cudgel worked pretty well actually, was glad I added a 2nd copy just before the tourney. It helps twofold in power grab and power strength. Popping it onto an Acolyte of the Waves for a King's Landing Proselyte to kill it and move it to Tarle is pretty strong.

You make good points regarding first snow and barring actually - maybe forgotten plans was a wasted plot. Uneasy Truce and Fallen from Favor we’re both on the list as other options, so could slot in nicely.

Thanks for your comments both :-)