Go Go Power Rangers!!!!

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dungeons and donuts 7

Created this simple fun ranger deck to take on the big greyjoy sea of blood. Real easy to play and some great interactions and bluff treats in the deck with The Watcher on the Walls in defence and Bound for the Wall on attack.

Solid against most decks and with mostly cost 2/3 charactors, Flea Bottom Alley and the The Watch Has Need you can get an instant reset after a Valar Morghulis. Ser Jaremy Rykker, Three-Finger Hobb and Dolorous Edd are vital to the deck so try not to let (i've put in a Close Call just in case) and Benjen Stark can get you a couple of power and if hes milked perfect target for Mutiny At Craster's Keep. Qhorin Halfhand is there to bate some spot removal. Another key ranger is Old Forest Hunter as he can help bluff no plays during a challange.

Won our local tournament with it and in our gaming group it rarely loses....try it out, its a bit of craic.

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