Arryn of the Wall German Online Series I 2021

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Zinnie 18

Thanks for hosting this great event Dennis Luke! This is the deck I played at the 2nd German Online Series 1. German Series The tournament had this restrictions:

"Banner Of The Mini Factions" "Every player has to choose ONE of the following Traits: House Arryn, House Bolton, House Botley, House Dayne, House Florent, House Frey, House Harlaw, House Hightower, House Manderly, House Mormont, House Redwyne, House Tully, House Umber, House Yronwood.

So, this is a pretty standard Night Watch Valyrian Steel (R) build. Lady Forlorn has been added to make extra spice on Lyn Corbray (FotS) which is an absolutely decent card for this build when you are forced to use House Arryn cards. Bronze Yohn Royce is another card which does this deck justice with his defensive ability + Renown does help with the power total. Gates of the Moon is by far the best House Arryn deck in my opinion, and can be used 2x and 3x in wall decks which need econ now that RL sets in and At the Gates and The Wall (Core) will be in the same pod (which means they can't be used together. Gulltownis only to meet tournament trait restrictions (this should just be another The Roseroad).

The janky part of the deck: Is by far Lysa Arryn/Close Call combo :D This is a fun jank tournament, which deserves some sort of craziness. Although Lysa is not a jank card per say, because you can always get some use of 1 copy. But it's way to narrow use with the cost the card has (12 gold over two rounds - ouch). So if you end up trying this build to play it competetively, drop atleast 1 Lysa + Close call, and the deck should be able to do alright!

How the deck played - 1st - Lannister Dragon "House Clegane" - Loss - Two rounds of good draw and play by the world champ, made Ser Ilyn Payne kill 4 characters :P Ended up being awarded the win because of opponent used invalid deck.

2nd - Tyrell Aloof And Apart "House Hightower" - Loss - Again, misery in first and second round where my opponent got to use his mini faction characters to spam expensive locations (Leyton Hightower) and The First Snow of Winter, At the Palace of Sorrows (R) and House Florent Knight did short process of my defenders :D

3rd - Lannister Free Companies "House Frey" - Win - Got econ, wall and character setup (so a really good setup), and found Lysa Arryn to remove Vargo Hoat in round two (he later came back, but was cancelled by Milk of the Poppy. Got my draw engine going, and cancelled out my opponents challenges together with holding him at 1-2 cards, so not a lot of option for him.

This was my last game of the tournament, but if i had the time, I would LOVE to play more.

This is a really good and super fun tournament where our host Dennis Luke has found a gooooooood setup with the mini factions for this first tournament. The winner of the tournament (Marek Kuźmiński, what a streak your at man! :D), are now deciding what format we play next, and we are excited :D:D

See you at the next one guys! :)

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