The Lady that was Promised - Winner (5-0) 2nd German Online

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IkaPakao 89

The idea was to control challenges and draw as many cards possible while occasionally using the Princess Melisandre (FotS) as a sniper. Ser Preston Greenfield did the aiming for her, as did The Starry Sept, Consolidation of Power and Stormlands Fiefdom.


Ser Cortnay Penrose, the MVP, winner of numerous challenges and dominance giver. Especially effective when wielding a Warhammer.

Stealth boys Ser Davos Seaworth (Core) and Maester Pylos help on defense and ensure successful assaults.

River Runner can slip past big renown or erm, sniped, characters.

Traitor to the Crown, night is dark and full of traitors.

The Red Keep (Core), I love getting it with first Support of the People. it helps with challenges and draws a lot when defended properly.

Draw cards

The Prince that was Promised, any card that searches the whole deck is unbelievable. This one searches discard and dead piles as well.

Moon Boy easy draw, almost any time.

Storm's End Maester, easy draw after the game gets going. Good for soaking claim as well.

"Off To Gulltown" This card is very good even without the draw. It served me really well with Shireen Baratheon (MoD). The young princess proved to be quite a defender. Drawing a card is huge bonus to that ability.


At the Gates Is still very good for my taste because it helps with limited locations tempo, and can disrupt opponent in the same regard with Gulltown. Adding to that, Gulltown enables City Festival which I really like because it does not come with downsides similar to other big money plots.

Parley at Storm's End is used primarily as survival plot against aggressive decks or against Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and her minions. Speaking of survival, Mya Stone protects your board or hand, while giving the opponent power you can grab. Go figure. ;)

Here to Serve I used when I needed draw or claim soak with Storm's End Maester, stealth to defend The Red Keep with Maester Pylos or to remove with Maester Cressen. They all served me well.

The Annals of Castle Black (R) is my personal favorite. Allowing me to play up to 6 events in different phases, served as "on demand" draw for Consolidation of Power in marshalling, Nightmares and Support of the People in challenges and Lay Waste in dominance phase.

Valar Dohaeris and Valar Dohaeris, never leave drawing board without them.

Adding to that, I never leave drawing board without Lay Waste and Nightmares in current meta, still dominated by locations and attachments.


chriswhite 1


I'm surprised to see only 1 copy of Starry Sept! It seems like such a powerful card here in all three of its uses (gaining power, seeding for Mel or RR, blanking key threats). I notice the Support of People, but even if you can reliably pull that off (harder than it appears, in my experience), that's still only one copy that could get taken away unexpectedly by WDNS, pillage, or a random Int claim, etc.

Marco Martell 29

Congratulations! Really original deck, I wouldn't expect such a deck to win my ban list tournament. Clearly most of other top decks focused on attachments (which was one of the goals of the list (Shadow East ban)) Nice to see another Melisandre than the most used core one.

IkaPakao 89

Thank you guys! @Marco MartellI really like your list. I might keep the most of it. :)

@chriswhiteI would be surprised too. It turned out that I do not want it in my hand in the beginning of the match. I cannot afford it most of the time, since I'm in survival mode, due to lack of swords. Almost any of the events or attachments is more cost efficient in the beginning.

If I find with Support of the People, (preferably after The Red Keep (Core)), I'm supper happy. If I don't, I play without it.

Derry 83

Love the list, congratulations for winning in style!

IkaPakao 89

@DerryThank you :)