Roses, Does, and She-Wolves

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Diomedes 2945

This is the Lady deck I've been playing in the latest tournaments going 9-3 in 2 Friendly Opens and the Westeros online league:

Game plan:

Lots of attachment and location control:

Protection versus :

Target kill with Melisandre:

  • Killing ladies after winning an challenge by 5 and placing 1 power from AMAF on an opponent's lady :D
  • Move 1 power with "A Cask of Ale" from the opponent's faction card to one of their characters, then kill it with Mel :)

Draw is unreliable, it's a 75-card deck after all. But the balance between number of events and characters has been better than in a simple Banner of the Wolf deck.


Marco Martell 18

Thank you for this great deck and I just learned new word in English ("doe") :)

nahash10 13

It's cool, weird, and special Thank you for your wonderful deck

IkaPakao 88

Lovely :)

Diomedes 2945

Thanks :)

thehumanh 174

Got to play a few games with this when we were testing matchups for By Three They Come, it was a ton of fun to pilot. The 3x When I Woke is a cheeky choice. Well done!