Guys Being (Damp) Dudes: Champions of Westeros Runner up

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thehumanh 281

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I ran this list in By Three They Come (3-1) and for most of my matches in the Westeros league (5-1 in games I played it) with a couple minor edits along the way, swapping out 2x Denial Iron Throne (LMHR) for 2x The Hand's Judgment, and replacing Building Orders with Heads on Spikes.

The redesigned Drowned Disciple means that sitting back and hoping to win on passive power alone isn't a viable strategy for DG decks anymore, but I've been enamored with Drowned God decks that throw their weight around in the challenge phase for a little while now anyways. (ex. 1 & 2). (That's not to say that GJ/Sun can't still be dangerous, it still wrecks midrange big character decks, but in my opinion it's no longer the automatic best agenda for a competitive Drowned God build.) The dirty little secret of the moist boys is that in addition to passive power gain, their efficient bodies make them difficult to deal with in both Intrigue and Power challenges.

This deck presents a tough series of questions to the opponent- do they commit to stopping the intrigue challenge and open themselves up to getting hit with a Can of Soup? Do they blunt Power at the risk of allowing a Rains trigger? Can they afford to do Military challenges at all? Even when navigating these threats correctly, the deck gains power from so many different angles that it's difficult to stop.

Most people recognize the strength of Aeron, Tarle the Thicc, Vince, Nagga's Ribs, and the Disciples, but here are some notes on a few other cards that make the list hum (and one that doesn't.)

Although I don't imagine it was intended to be, "The Dornishman's Wife" (R) is a nice piece of Drowned God tech. Having one in hand essentially lowers your win condition by 2 power, especially in an open list format if you know you don't have to account for cancels. The dirtiest trick of this deck is the rude move of winning off the Vanquish the Unbelievers trigger by naming something like "Fool" to blow up your own board. Dornishman pushes those hijinx to the max.

Another enabler of that trick is the Driftwood Cudgel. The errata on the card gave it a bad reputation, but in truth it's a strong card. 2g for 1 power (2 if you can win on the interrupt when you trigger it for the 2nd time!) would be solid by itself, but in games where you're able to fill your dead pile, it also turns into a serious beat stick.

Nagga's Ribs gets all the attention, but Old Wyk is a joy to play with. You get to trigger your Disciples, put extra pressure on the power challenge, resurrect key dead characters, and occasionally bounce Vince back to hand. (In one test game against builders, an amusing sequence saw the Fanatic cancel a Three-Finger Hobb (R) trigger multiple turns in a row, returning to hand each time on the following turn's power challenge.) Just make sure to be careful not to move an already dead/buried Aeron or Tarle to the top of your dead pile with Ribs, as this will brick your Wyk.

People who've seen the list have asked why there's only 1 Old Grey Gull, and the answer is simple: he's not a good card. He's an inefficient body, and actually using his ability is a major tempo hit in a deck that cares about tempo quite a bit. Opponents do tend to overestimate his value, and he sometimes winds up soaking up a Milk. Once in a blue moon you'll use his ability, but more often than not, he functions exactly in games as he does in his art: watching quietly from the shore while better Drowned God cards have fun in the surf.

Congratulations to NiL for winning the league! Huge thank yous to my By Three They Come teammates, Stefan Topfstedt and Marcel Arias, who provided not only so many incredibly helpful test games, but also an endless stream of laughs and camaraderie along the way. I'm already looking forward to the next time we put on the Brown Pants. What is dead may never die!


Diomedes 3221

Great deck and great performance!

Drowned God decks were responsible for that "unique character" bit on "The Dornishman's Wife" (R), but looks like it still fits. Love the interaction with Vanquish the Unbelievers :D

footlong 193

Congrats on your impressive run in the Westeros League, and thanks for this insightful write-up and the shout-out.

Looking forward to getting The Brown Pants back together for the next one!

Derry 104

Congratulations on your performance and write-up! You know every bit of how to get those damp beards to work! This is a brilliant list of very efficient cards. Brown pants all the way!

Aaron Groth 1

@DiomedesI finally got around to playing the revised version of "The Dornishman's Wife." What interaction were you thinking of for the power gain going to the character? Was it just the typical GJ saves for big guys or more a Vaes Tolorro interaction?