Tyrion's clowns

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markalfano 25

Open with The Maiden to get an initiative advantage.

The main idea is to get Dragon Skull onto a character using Gifts for the Widow (R), and then make sure that character and your fools have some gold on them. Then, because of Shagwell's effect, you'll have multiple characters with intimidate and renown. If Tyrion Lannister (JS) is part of the fun, or on turns when you can play Quiet as a Shadow, they'll also have stealth. Because Dragon Skull is so important, save The Hand's Judgment to protect your Gifts for the Widow (R). You should on a good turn be able to score half a dozen power.

Ways to get gold onto characters, beyond just bestow, include King's Landing Smuggler, Vargo Hoat, and Unbridled Generosity.

The deck is a bit vulnerable to Valar Morghulis, so try to get out duplicates (e.g., with Brave Companions or Jinglebell or Our Word Is Good as Gold or The Titan's Bastard) or Strong Belwas.

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Comm 26

Interesting deck !

I've tried something similar, but I thought Dragon Skull would be too expensive, so I've put 3x Pit Fighter's Blade instead. And 1x Syrio's Training to have the icon if needed.

Besides Valar Morghulis, the deck is completely destroyed by The First Snow of Winter. So I put The Crone as a protection.
I also added Outwit , with Haldon Halfmaester and Here to Serve to get it the turn before. This may be a little too complicated, though.
Haldon Halfmaester is good anyway because he can put gold on your characters or give you an event.

For the fun, I have 1 copy of In Daznak's Pit but I've never been able to use it :)