Weird Bara Decks - The Queen Cannon!

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SonOfBattles1 436

Bara is a fun faction. It also has some of the weirdest tech to use. I've come up with a few decks over the years that I finally had an excuse to refine and play for the The 8 Regents of Westeros. I'll be publishing them intermittently here as Weird Bara Decks.

Now without much further ado.

Weird Bara Deck 1 - The Queen Cannon!

Selyse Baratheon (FotOG). She's the Big Queen. She makes every non-lady bend the knee. She's so good that her effect needs a faction kneel. Most decks that run her only get to trigger her once a game. But let's look at a deck that can allow you to trigger her every round. Playing her is the easy part, but the main puzzle is a twofold problem:

  • How to get Big Queen off the board?
  • How to get Big Queen into your hand?

Normally, the answer to both would be The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due, but that card requires a faction card kneel, which we obviously can't do since we want to play Big Queen every turn. Our answers are the following:

  • Sacrificed to the Red God. Better known as the Rocket Cage to its friends, this can be played with Big Queen as the target to sac her and fetch another Big Queen. Alternatively, if a Selyse is nowhere to be found, you can sac Lysa to go fetch her.
  • Spears of the Merling King. You can kill Selyse to return her to hand. Opponents will intentionally avoid throwing challenges at you for this reason, but you can force them to trigger it with Duel if they have another qualified character out (or if you have Lysa Arryn) on the board.
  • Fallen from Favor. Easy play if you have a Selyse in hand and one on the board. Go second, sac her, play her.
  • Jeyne Poole. This is where the magic happens. Big Queen is going to be in the discard pile a lot from all of the sacrificing. Jeyne fetches her back to hand for you in Marshaling, so just enough time to play her again!
  • Valar Dohaeris. Pretty straightforward here, put a Selyse on the bottom of your deck to be fetched later with the Rocket Cage.
  • Close Call. If somehow a Selyse ends up in your dead pile, you can salvage the situation with this plot.


A win in spirit for this deck is playing Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) at least 3 times in a game - or pulling off a Public Execution, which is pretty neat too. A "practical" win involves leveraging your board control for The Iron Throne (Core)-Chamber of the Painted Table and Sansa Stark (Core) for passive power. Regardless, it's weird, and it's fun. Enjoy!


Odrl 1249

And we do have your 8 Regents game with this deck on record, for anyone who wants to see the deck in action. :)

hagarrr 829

Obviously, this is excellent :D

Any specific idea behind Barring the Gates and Varys's Riddle? You've probably already considered this possibility but The Father can also return Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) back to hand too, although the reserve isn't amazing :)

Diomedes 3321

Heir to the Iron Throne is also a nice option to get rid of Selyse and works very well with Alester or to search for Melisandre.

SonOfBattles1 436

@hagarrr, @Diomedes - When it came to plot selection I was looking for as many plots with non-zero initiative and close to 6 gold as possible - Ideally so I can go second and play Selyse Baratheon (FotOG). Some break this rule, like Counting Coppers and Close Call - but they're added for utility. Barring the Gates is to combat jumpers since they can circumvent the kneel, and Varys's Riddle has worked as a decent high initiative opener with a lot of Summer Harvest around.

Derry 134

I love this list, great job!

siegeszug 327

I like the spirit of your fine deck. A feminist take on Thrones. The boys kneel and the ladies take to Mars with the Rocket Cage.