Weird Bara Decks - The Dread Pirate Robert

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Weird Bara Deck 2 - The Dread Pirate Robert

You know what's cooler than Knights, Dragons, or Doggies? Pirates. You know what is sneakily a tier 1 deck archetype? Well, it's not Pirates, but I would like to live in a world which they are. I believed in them though. I took this deck to worlds... It went 3-3. It's not tier 1. It's a Weird Bara Deck.

Smuggle me keywords!

"The Rains of Castamere"? In Bara? Yo ho ho, Lyseni Galleys grant all of ye Smuggler's Stealth, and Warhammer grants strength to ye arm! Seriously. Between, Lyseni Pirate's passive Stealth, the the LG's Stealth granting, and Warhammer turning weenies into studs, triggering the agenda is easy! Additionally, board control is available since there's a lot of Intimidate tech between The Fat King, his weapon of choice, and a hilarious boat.

Why Rains? Why these plots?

Well "The Rains of Castamere" is fun. It's weird in Bara. As for the plots:

Salty rogues you don't often see

Not a lot of people play Smugglers - so here's the law of the sea:

  • Salladhor Saan (FotS) shuts down the new Stronghold cards and supercharges your econ if they're out.
  • Valyrian's Crew! They can trigger the events and your agenda on their own... But their stealing ability is where they shine. By stealing deck centerpieces one turn, and marshalling them the next, you can shut down an opponent's game.
  • Lyseni Pirate has a built in Corsair's Dirk, which can be extremely tilting to gold dependent decks. They can also steal from bestowed cards. The crazy thing is their stealing action happens in the same window as the events, which allows you to win , steal a gold from your opponent, and then play a surprise Put to the Torch or Put to the Sword.
  • Wraith->Dale Seaworth->Wraith combo. Kneel two econ locations for the price of one. If you have Dale Seaworth in hand, trigger Wraith in the Draw phase. Marshal Dale, return his boat to hand, play it again.
  • Marya Seaworth grants 2 kneels in a challenge phase if you have the stealth and coin. She pairs marvelously with Lyseni Pirate.
  • Khorane Sathmantes tilts people into the sun. Period. If you have a boat out, he's better than Melisandre (Core). Prioritize him for dupes and saves. And don't be afraid to use him during the standing phase if you suspect a reset. Oh, and you can be super NPE and trigger him multiple times in a round if you have Sellsails on the board.

    Speaking of which....
    This. Card. It enables multiple challenges, multiple KHORANE! triggers, and multiple Intimidate/Stealth granting triggers via your boats. It's cheap. It's the Pirate that was Promised.


This is a mid-range aggro deck. "The Rains of Castamere" allows you to be flexible for any situation, but you should prioritize board destruction and location control to frustrate your opponent. This deck should only get stronger as more Smuggler support is printed. I'm particularly excited for The King in the Narrow Sea to refresh Sellsails and grant additional Salla triggers.


Odrl 1235

Personally, I was quite happy to trade away our copy of Rains in the 8 Regents, but I'm glad you convinced us to keep it. :)

Here is the game we recorded against Night's Watch:

Req 7

Your deck's name <3