The Host that was Promised - TOGATN King of Swiss

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SonOfBattles1 436

The Host that was Promised

Alright, this one technically isn't a Weird Bara Deck, I've been slacking on those lately but I'll get additional write ups on them soon! Ahem, yes, The Prince that was Promised. Typically seen in Baratheon with Robert Baratheon (Core) or Stannis Baratheon (FotS), but I never felt like that deck was consistent due to vulnerabilities to negative attachments, Duel, and The Father. That got me wondering... Perhaps Azor Ahai isn't Stannis - it's the friends he made along the way!

Why Prince King Stannis's Host?

An Army? What? You can't attach a Bodyguard to that! Well, hear me out...

  • No Attachments.
  • The Army trait is protected against Duel, The Father, and the weird (but definitely Prince breaking!) Coldhands
  • King Stannis's Host has Renown
  • It's text makes the agenda trigger significantly easier: During challenges, each participating character an opponent controls gets -1 STR.
  • Assault can foil a lot of great location cards in the current Stronghold meta
  • Being able to tutor King Stannis's Host allows reliable usage of the For the Realm discount

Other Key Cards


It's a pretty straight forward deck. Win the challenges, and draw lots of cards. If it's a different challenge, use Storm's End (BtB) to make it . If you don't have Storm's End (BtB), use Bran the Builder to fetch it. If you have King Stannis's Host and Storm's End (BtB) on the board, you should be in a pretty solid position to win. Enjoy!


prancingPWNy 104

This deck is a nightmare to face and I considered it the deck to beat at the Old Gods and the New tournament. Stannis' Host is indeed the prince that was promised. Behold!

Question: why no Kingswood and summerhall?

SonOfBattles1 436

@prancingPWNy Thanks! Not enough to overcome your Lanni Alliance deck. Kingswood is just not a good card, and is only marginally better if Summerhall is on the board - so it would take additional 6 slots to be playable (3x KW and 3x SH). Just not enough room for it.

SerLannister 1

I was undefeated, and then faced this juggernaut! Great deck, very tough to beat when you turn one Bitterbridge Encampment The Prince That was Promised into play pre-marshaling round one... Hahahahaha, seeing it played out was fun nonetheless!