Martell Crossing Joust Stahleck 2022 (3-5)

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mr chipz 2

Hi all,

Stahleck has come to an end and it was a blast! This is a shared account of my Buddy Crimson Mayhem and me, PitchBlecc and it was the first time visiting such an event for both of us. My Martell Crossing Deck did not turn out very successful (ending in 3-5) but I decided to share it nonetheless. When preparing for the tournament I had my problems finding a Martell list that I liked. I was out of the game for some time and did not want to commit to the most control side of Martell in fear of overthinking and taking too long turns. So I ended up using an Agenda I knew quite well: The Lord of the Crossing.

My game plan was to use some icon removal tech (Dornish Spy, Shadow City Bastard, Darkstar (Km), Nymeria Sand (TRtW), Starfall) to make sure my final challenge (hopefully ) gets through. On top I wanted to utilize lose triggers on the first chump challenge (Maester Caleotte, Spotted Sylva, Desert Raider (R)) and use The Fowler Twins and Ellaria Sand (SoD) to get some blockers down on that challenge. Arianne Martell (Core) turned out to be a key card in most matches. Renown on The Red Viper (OR), Myrcella Baratheon (GoH), Knights of the Sun, The Tattered Prince and The Mountain's Skull should give me some acceleration together with Superior Claim.

I for sure made a couple of bad mistakes (e.g. flipping The First Snow of Winter without realizing I won't have enough gold for Arianne Martell (Core)) and maybe could have won one or two more games if I were a better player. However all my opponents were fantastic and deserved their wins. You can find my match-ups following this link:

If I were to use the deck again I would probably make some changes. Here's a list of my ideas:

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