Bringing rare dragons to Stahleck 2023: Joust Top 2

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mqsi 196

Here's the list of the deck that made Stahleck 2nd place 2023. I am really happy about the success I had.

Credit for the inspiration goes to Alex for playing a similar deck against me and to the list published here :

What is the idea of the deck?

Have Daenerys Targaryen (R) and the big three ( Drogon (DotE), Rhaegal (DotE) and Viserion (DotE) ) on board and destroy the opponent's board with Drogon's burn effect combined with The Field of Fire and The Dragon Has Three Heads or get a bunch of renown. Standing with Plaza of Pride and Waking the Dragon (especially if the character came with Daenerys Targaryen (R) ) help.

But how do I find all the dragons?

The Conclave combined with Maester Gormon, Archmaester Marwyn and Daenerys Targaryen (R) helps you to find them reliably.

But how do I pay for them?

Paying them with hard cash from Late Summer Feast, Braavos (for up to 6 gold) and Great Hall (R). Also Unexpected Return works fine. But it's more fun to cheat them in with a combination of the agenda and The Higher Mysteries or Called Into Service.

But how do I make sure my expensive stuff stays on board?

Healing Expertise, duplicates, Maester Kerwin and Outwit.

Anything else to mention?

Conclave is a great toolbox plot in my opinion which allows you to play one-ofs and still be able to access them on a regular basis. Here to Serve allows you to look for the maester of your need, especially:

Maester Cressen (Core) for Milk of the Poppy on Daenerys Targaryen (R) or Frozen Solid on Braavos. To be fair, I did not use Cressen at all in the tournament.

Maester Kerwin if you need the save for Valar Morghulis or other stuff.

Maester Mullin for rush and aggro.

Maester Murenmure for The Wall (Core), Winterfell (WotN), or any other problematic stuff.

How did the tournament go?

My bad memory would not do justice to my opponents, so I will not provide a detailed match report, but several of my games have been recorded and will be published at some point over the next few weeks:

Swiss round 6 vs Greyjoy - Kings of Winter

Swiss round 7 vs Greyjoy - The Lord of the Crossing

Swiss round 8 vs Night's Watch - Banner of the Kraken

Top 4 vs Martell - Many faced god

Top 2 vs Martell - Rains of Castamere

Overall I had a some games that were super close, so this could have easily fallen appart very quickly. Also, I did not face Stark and Night's Watch all day and especially Stark denial should be a problem for the deck.

Thanks again to the Orgateam and everybody who I met at the castle. See you next year!


siegeszug 322

Thanks for your list Werner! I tried to build the deck from what I could recall from your gameplay myself just now. This makes it easier. From a lore perspective I am saddened that Maesters and Dragons work hand in hand (or hand in claw?) so well because lore invested fans tend to agree that Maesters are the reason the Dance of the Dragons happened and the last dragons died. From a janky-soul-perspective this is THE SHIT. It's gold.

Dave007 1

What a great deck!

TRYHRDRf1sh 29

Thank you for sharing Werner! And more importantly congratulations to your amazing run! Your match against Reini was truly one of the most entertaining matches I have seen in a long time. Chapeau!

Odrl 1231

Beautiful deck, congratulations. :)

audioslavexxx 121

Thank you for sharing! Amazing deck and amazing run. Congrats.

Neoptolemos 794

Congrats! You have absolutely obliterated my deck in round 7 with Drogon (DotE) + The Field of Fire, well deserved 2nd place after the amazing run ;) I'm really happy to see Called Into Service working, I've tried it with moderate successes in Tyrell, but in Conclave it can be nuts!

mak 313

Nice deck! Congrats Werner!

Derry 126

congrats! Impressive

Serwus 117

Thanks for the game for the king of swiss :) I doubt it would go as well for me often, if we played repeatedly.

Gabryel 11

"I dont know if it is good but it is fun" Werner, Stahleck 2023, after the 3rd round.

Nice call mate ! Congrats for this amazing tournament !

Sammy 29

nice deck bro! can we see the winner deck anywhere?

SonOfBattles1 436

@mqsi Well built and perfectly piloted. I thought I had a chance against you in the Quarterfinals with my The Iron Throne (LMHR) out to name Dany, but just like The Spanish Inquisition, no one expected The Higher Mysteries! Super cool deck!

dom 457

Congrats! Too bad they printed the best dragon hate card in the game

lennart-ip 773

You know that it must be a great Deck when you see this amount of 1-off Toolboxcards. Glückwunsch Werner!

Reim 865

Well played and above all well designed. Beautiful Deck, You showed me the Higher Mysteries :). I sat there three or four rounds and was amazed at how beautifully things fit together in your deck. Glückwunsch

Palpa 122

A piece of art. Glückwunsch!

Comm 48

Excellent build ! I really like the use of Called Into Service and The Higher Mysteries and 3x Braavos !!! And even impressive is your ability to pilot such a complex deck for 8 rounds and the Tops. Congrats !!

I have a few questions @mqsi :

  • with such a high number of events, where you not worried to make poor setups?
  • how did you decide to bring this deck to Stahleck ? Was it because you liked the deck? Or was it based on your analysis of the meta?

mqsi 196

Thanks all for your congratulations and kind words! :)

mqsi 196

@Comm, regarding setups, it's okay most of the times. The biggest issue is that your setup will be dragon plus economy location quite often. So if you are facing a lot of marched this will fall apart. I was lucky and did not get marched once in the tournament. In my top16 match Reim had it, but also only had one big char in setup so I got to keep my dragon

It was a deck I liked and I did not find anything else I wanted to play or had time to test with. I did not intend to go far with this deck, but had hoped the rare cards would get some people off guard

morbiczer 32

It was such a fun losing against this deck in Swiss Round 2 :)