Tyrell Shadows - 2nd Place at World's (Rightwaydown)

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Rightwaydown 61

This deck finihsed 2nd place at world's.


Look for copies of The Arbor, Redwyne Straits, The Hightower, Oldtown and Oldtown Undercity. Never mulligan if you have Redwyne or Arbor. If you dont have either but have Gate of the Gods and some of Hightower, Oldtown and Undercity then dont mulligan. Once you are done with locations, you setup Garden Caretaker or Scheming Septon, the rest goes into the shadows.

Opening Plots:

Almost alwasys Late Summers just to get you some board state and get cards into shadows. It can also be First Snow if its a small rush deck, you should try to never play VM unless its Tywin and Reducer which it was for one game, against Lanni Sea of Blood.


The deck has a lot of power icons so you always want to either run that challenge or defend the opponent's challenge. The deck starts slow so if the opponent is playing rush you need to block some of the unopposed so they dont get too far ahead.

If you have Gate of the God's or The Starry Sept, Sparrows is a great way of reducing their power as well as blocking challegnes, with Unexpected Guile (R) you can return to shadows for a future proc.

Against heavy military games, if you are first play your Septons then return them, if you are second, keep everything inhand or in shadows until your turn.


There are 4 wipes, Varys (Core) and the 3 plots. Use the Agenda to put Varys in the shadows and you can bring him out with The Queen of Thorns (TMoW) or just play him in the shadow phase with Gold earnt from the Septons.

Some one ofs:

Poisoned Coin - Really good, used it to kill some big characters and in testing it was much better than A Pinch of Powder as you rarely win challenges by 5 or more.

Varys (DitD) - Was never played and never put in shadows, I would change him for another poisoned coin and add another core varys.

To The Rose Banner! - Good to bounce milks off characters and get an additional trigger with Hightower, can be used with Emissary of the Hightower to get your events back in a different phase.


We Light the Way - Did really well, with as many cards that have shadows in this deck + the cards that dont can really benefit from being in the Shadows you should see the card as saying Draw 1 card and gain 2 gold, it can be even better than that.

Scheming Septon - With being unpodded with Oldtown it brings so much value and does so much, the more of them the merrier.


Yusei 1

Excellent deck and well play!

I love your game plan. Sparrows + Unexpected Guile (R) is so attractive, feels like infinite Chamber of the Painted Table


Great building!

teamjimby 1987

Congrats on a great run and an amazing deck! Very creative, especially leveraging We Light the Way.

Palpa 122

Grats for that annoying deck and your amazing run! All you need now is a good name for it :D

Rightwaydown 61

How about Oldtown Fanatics?

Lannister 570

Great job mate! How useful was Close Call? After all you only have 3 characters you carry many copies of and you have VD. Did you think of any other impact plot instead?

Rightwaydown 61

I thought about The Pointy End but in testing Close is better, more gold and an extra card. Although looking now a second Warrior would also be good, though you really dont want any of those characters dead. You can put copies in the shadows even if they are dead and bring them out once you close call.

movac 1

congrats! looks like a very interesting version of tyrell shadows. I guess rush decks, especially ones with barring the gates is your main weakness?

Rightwaydown 61

@movacIt does run first snow and VM for them. I did play a stark fealty with Dupped Cat on setup with Winterfell and two copies of Barring and still pulled through. Just block challenges and use Sparrows to steal power and hold for wipes and varys.


Is there no space for a third copy of Oldtown Undercity? The card seems so good in this deck.

Rightwaydown 61

@WQBThere probably should be, its not as important on setup as the other locations, still good but not vital. The card is nut tho, especially with We light the way.

TRYHRDRf1sh 35

Congratulations! Very impressive run! I have been planning to get a Sparrows / Guile Deck to work for quite a while - now I do not have to ;) Great Deck and great piloting - I watched a lot of your games and enjoyed every minute :)

Feuerbart 70

well done! was a great game! thanks for sharing!

Pippin 8

Congratulations on your run, awesome deck!

prancingPWNy 104

I knew when I saw your name on the lists that you would be a top contender. Congratulations on bringing something unique and exciting to the top!


Oldtown Fanatics is a great name for the deck. :-D


What are the main targets for Milk of the Poppy, when you want to reset the board anyway?

Rightwaydown 61

@WQBShadows milk can be really impactful. In tourny it did work against cerci stopping 2 claim for multiple rounds after I had VM'd round 1 to deal with Tywin and reducer.

wolfbian 36

cool deck