Randyll's Revenge - 3rd Place Kingsmoot

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teamjimby 1782

This is the deck I used for the Kingsmoot tournament at Uncle’s Games in Bellevue on October 24, 2015. It was my first tournament ever for any card game and I had a great time. Out of 30ish people, I only saw Tyrell in a few other decks and I think they were all banner. I only saw Martell in one other deck, which was also banner. More than just winning, my goal is to make unique decks. So the hipster in me was very pleased to see so little Tyrell and Martell.

I wanted to make a deck that focused on making multiple challenges at claim 2 or more. You can do it with Khal Drogo, but a lot of people are playing Targ, so I wanted to do something different. Instead, I decided to focus on Olenna’s Informant. If you can sneak her in during the challenge phase, it sets you up for an extra challenge of your choice. Also unlike with Drogo or A Storm of Swords, your opponent usually won’t see it coming. I chose to banner Martell because you can use Arianne Martell to play the informants and you can use Sunspear to boost your claim.

The rest of the deck was standard Tyrell with all the lords and ladies. Randyll Tarly with Margaery Tyrell and/or Heartsbane allows you to win multiple military or power challenges on the same turn. I decided to run 3x of Left and Right because I wanted the non-kneeling defense against what I thought would be an onslaught of Baratheon Fealty.

The dream scenario is to be 2nd player with Sunspear and The Winds of Winter. Lose a or challenge on purpose to trigger Sunspear so you are claim 3. Then use Queen of Thorns and Arianne to ambush 2 Informants, so Randyll could potentially win 3 or challenges at 3 claim each. So far I’ve never actually pulled off more than 4 claim, but 9 claim is my ultimate goal.

My first game was pretty tough against Targ because she got an early Daenerys Targaryen and some dragons, so I always feared for Dracarys!. If I was 2nd player, she could use Dracarys to kill Randyll or Knight of Flowers before I could use Heartsbane, so I had to often preemptively use Margaery or Growing Strong just to get out of the Dracarys Range. I had enough claim soak to let her go undefended every time and she couldn’t stop my challenges, so I eventually won on power. I’m pretty sure she had Dracarys the entire game, but never had the opportunity to kill anyone important with it.

My one loss was against Brendan’s Baratheon Fealty. He was able to get the big 3 on the board fairly early and there wasn’t much I could do. Randyll was always knelt. I was about to have a turn with an unopposed challenge and 2 gold to play Put to the Sword on Stannis Baratheon, but he played Seen In Flames to discard it. I still managed to rack up some power on Randyll and KoF, but his The Iron Throne and Chamber of the Painted Table with the big 3 led him to a solid victory.

The last game was where my deck really hit its stride against a Stark/Tyrell deck. I was able to play KoF and The Queen of Thorns on the first turn, then use the Queen to play Randyll. Second turn I played The Winds of Winter with Heartsbane. Randyll and KoF took a 2 claim challenge, the Queen hit 2 , then dropped in an Informant to allow for another military challenge. Randyll was ready for another 2 , my opponent’s board was completely wiped, and I already had 5 power from renown alone.

In the end I finished 4-1 and took 3rd place. There was a mistake I made against Brendan that maaaybe could have changed the game, but otherwise I felt like I played well. I’m looking forward to more Thrones!


celric 399

Well played and nice deck. How good was high garden for you? I’d replace one with Dawn. It’good on anyone but rediculous on the Knight of Flowers. Almost guaranteed to trigger The Mander.

teamjimby 1782

Thanks! I haven’t actually drawn Highgarden much, but it can be really nice. Your opponent has to overcommit, so you can either win/negate a challenge or force them to use their characters inefficiently. Once I used it on Randyll after they committed hard on defense, so I could reuse him on a different challenge. I do like your thinking with Dawn on KoF though. I’ll probably add 1 copy.

GameOfPwns 1

I look forward to playing with and against this one. Well done.

Barnie25 221

Doesn’t this deck fold to multiple Milk of the Poppies? And do you miss stand effects in the Bara match up? And lastly how do you like not running milk yourself.

teamjimby 1782

It’s done fine against multiple Milks. Randyll is really the guy I don’t want milked, but people will often Milk the Queen (it sounds gross every time I say that) or KoF and they are still a presence as 5 STR bicons. Ultimately, even if Randyll gets double milked, you can still make multiple high claim challenges and win them with STR boosts like Marge, Heartsbane, and Growing Strong. You just lose out on the renown.

Stand effects would have been nice against Bara, although I’m pretty sure he would have confiscated a Seal of the Hand. Randyll has some built in stand, but Marge was often knelt and I didn’t draw Growing Strong or Heartsbane (I think).

I’m kind of morally opposed to milk because it feels like such a cheap card. My plan (which doesn’t always work) is to just kill all their characters instead with 2-4 claim military turns. All that said, if I had a copy to even just reset the Stannis lock before he confiscated it, I may have been able to turn that game around against Bara.

Dydra 1471

Great deck. I really like the fresh idea that it breaths, rather than the assault of no-brainer Targ/Lanni or Bara fielty.

teamjimby 1782

Thanks! That means a lot coming from an experienced deck builder like yourself.

bloody9 1

I’ve been a big fan of House Martell, but this makes me want to cross the desert and enjoy some flowers!

friendartiste 3

As someone just getting started with the game I was wondering if there a reason you didn’t include Seal of the Hand? Seems like it would work well with this strategy.

teamjimby 1782

My thought process was that Randyll doesn’t need it because he has built in standing. But I agree it would work well on Margaery, KoF, or QoT. After playing the deck about a dozen times, I’ve swapped out a few cards from this list and one of the new cards is a Seal of the Hand.

bloody9 1

@teamjimbyI am liking this deck what are those changes, I am very interested. Thanks for the contribution of this deck!

teamjimby 1782

The main thing is that I took out Left and Right. They are mediocre unless you have both of them, but once you get both of them your opponent uses wildfire and you often have to choose between Left/Right or losing someone like KoF, QoT, or Marge. I found that I would only get 1 or 2 turns with them together, then you are stuck drawing dead cards. I also took out one copy of Arianne because you don’t need to dupe her, 1 copy of Highgarden, and 1 Rose Garden.

I added in 3 Courtesan of the Rose, 1 Dawn, a third Heartsbane, 2 Milk of the Poppy, 1 Seal of the Hand, and 1 The Hand’s Judgment.

The plots are still somewhat of a work in progress too. I’m considering taking out Wildfire and replacing it with Calling the Banners or Calm Over Westeros. In that Baratheon game I found myself without any Roseroads or Kingsroads and none of my plots except for Noble Cause gave me 5 gold, so I was stuck with Littlefinger and Arianne in my hand the whole game.

bloody9 1

What about A Game of Thrones with all the intrigue, from The Queen of Thorns Courtesan of the Rose and Arianne Martell Littlefinger it seems like it could fit nicely

teamjimby 1782

Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. I think I avoided it because the initiative is low. What would you replace? I think it would need to be Wildfire/Banners/Calm or Marched to the Wall.

bloody9 1

I think replace l would replace Calm Over Westeros, A Game of Thrones is amazing at shutting down 2 claims especially Sneak Attack in my limited experience

bloody9 1

I also like the lower Initiative because if they decide to go first you can get them on the swing back!

teamjimby 1782

In my experience, most people choose to go 2nd when A Game of Thrones is on the board. I might give it a try though. Let me know if you try it and how it works out!

bloody9 1

@teamjimbyDo you not feel like with dropping Right & Left that you are a short on military challenge icons? I was just curious because I think that my favorite not main is Palace Spearman (4 for 4 with possible tricon) but Wardens of the Reach seem like even with 6 or 7 ‘The Reach’ you have a chance to make them bigger.

teamjimby 1782

The deck definitely relies pretty heavily on Randyll and KoF for military. Usually I have enough 1 or 2 cost characters and/or dupes that I can afford to not defend military challenges. When you’re 2nd player Sunspear is also a good deterrent for military challenges, because there is the potential that you might swing back at 4 claim.

Palace Spearmen and/or Wardens of the Reach might be worthwhile though. I’d probably lean towards the Wardens because there are more Tyrell reducers and they synergize with QoT and Growing Strong.

Dydra 1471

A Game of Thrones most people go 2nd, because they can throw everything in the first challenge INT of the 1st player, and thus unlock all their own challenges.

On the other hand, if the first player throws everything in his first INT challenge (to assure victory) he has almost nothing left to defend, make POW/MIL challenges.

Going 2nd during that plot is definitely a win.

bloody9 1

It is probably my favorite plot, I really like Martell and I think this is another great house/deck that it can fit into, I am going to try it tonight, I will try to report back with success

mykoo44 1

Quick question, Do characters need to be standing to resolve ‘actions’?

Specifically, can Arianne Martell drop a character into play from your hand even once she has been knelt after making or defending a challenge?

bloody9 1

Nope, do what you will attack /defend with Arianne Martell then use her ability to swap her out.

Animal 54

The deck is fairly solid, I’ve played 4 games with it so far and it’s works quite nicely. I’ve tweaked it a little to get Little Finger in for more card draw, but I’ve pretty much kept the same build more or less.

HidaHayabusa 73

How good is Queen of Thorns in here? I can see her working some of the times but I guess that 7g is too much to invest on something that doesn’t always gets value. Same question on Paxter. Maybe adding 2x Palace Guard would help on the Military count?


teamjimby 1782

She’s not as much of a presence as Tywin or Dany, but she can be pretty effective. She has probably brought in more Olenna’s Informants than Arianne has for me. There has also been a few games where I played her on turn 1 and used her ability to bring in Randyll. The game is pretty much over at that point. I also find that my opponents are very afraid of her, and will play their milks on her instead of Randyll.

So she’s similar in function to Arianne, except she stays in play instead of returning to hand. Definitely not the best 7 coster, but she is still quite a threat.

Paxter has been pretty good, but he’ll probably be one of the first to go when new packs come out. The best thing he brings to the table is surprise. You might do an intrigue challenge with no gold, so your opponent isn’t scared of Tears of Lys. Then you drop him in with QoT or Arianne, and now you can play the Tears. Also works with PttS and Growing Strong.

HidaHayabusa 73

Thanks for the answer! Enjoying the deck so far. If I get some time I will report back my version and games.