Dothraki Death & Decay 1.0

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Dydra 1467

Hi All,

So a few days ago I put this deck together, considering that I wanted to run away from a "Bomb heavy" meta where Lannister, Martell and Stark are rolling over with the fat dudes and also because no1 currently plays Targ in our local meta ( at least as main house). This isn't something completely opposite ( as it includes 2-3 strong characters), but it's my solution about how I feel the current game state. I did a couple of games ( 10+) both online and f2f and the deck turned out to be pretty decent and stronk ... I'll actually stick to it for a while and develop it further. Got me a 2nd place in a small 6 player tournament today.

Where to begin?

The basic idea is to be very aggressive, killing stuff and storming for power. In order to do this the deck has the following core synergies:

  1. General very strong Military Presence
  2. Bloodrider Synergy
  3. Mirri Maz Duur and Khal Drogo synergy with Rakharo
  4. Standing effects via Aggo and Magister Illyrio to secure LotC challenges potential

The Agenda suits this deck very well. Not only Drogo allows you to do 4 challenges per round and this is flexibility which The Lord of the Crossing loves, but it also gives u the +STR to push with Rakharo for Intimidate. Trust me, this matters when you can stand him with Aggo and when you are going first so u kneel maximum chars on opponent side of the board to reduce damage on the counter-attack.

The plot deck is 80% set in stone with the current card pool.

  • Marched to the Wall and The Long Winter are there to help you clear the board in the games where you can. Generally a Khal Drogo against a deck that doesn't have many MIL icons, or doesn't draw them, can be pretty devastating with those 2 plots to support that.

  • A Song of Summerx2 and Close Call are you Summer plots. Not only they are important for the synergy with Aggo, but they negate the downside of LotC which with the additional boost in STR and Stealth from Jhogo makes for some really rewarding plays. Close call gives you a bit of extra draw (will get back to this in a second) and standing, together with a generally strong effect and I'm ok with that.

  • Heads on Spikes is synergetic with the power hungry deck, as well as RNG-ing a unique kill benefits both chars and the idea of the deck.

  • Calling the Banners is the only fat "money" plot in the deck. I'm a bit split on this part. The deck generally needs some money and you should muligan aggressive for economy, but the normal money plots don't suite it that well. You don't have enough targets for A Noble Cause and you wouldn't want to play Trading with the Pentoshi because that extra 3 gold might mean an extra chud or two, which you don't want as you clean up the board with your Mil might. Calling is great, but it's a bit anti-sinergetic with a deck that wants to lower the opponent character count. :) Still the high initiative is great and quite beneficial for your deck. So currently it makes the cut.

Calm Over Westeros will replace some plot here, but I can't decide which one yet.

Certain card choices:

Draw. So ... draw in Targ kinda sucks, yeah? :) Running 2x Counting Coppers in my burn decks seemed quite reasonable. Thankfully Funeral Pyre came out and is quite good. You are running some Lords yourself, together with opponent Lords and Ladies dying your kill deck net you some decent draw. No space really for Counting Coppers in your plot deck anyway, as you need to be busy with more important stuff ... also no time to stand still for a turn without reinforcing military or killing. If you can do that, you are way ahead and you will win anyway.

Based on my games, I have a few changes that I consider. First Nightmares never did much for me. I never draw it on time and as much as I can see those keys plays happening by blanking some bomb or location ... my deck doesn't seem to care that much. I think I will either replace it with 2x The Hand's Judgment or cut it completely in favor of The Silver Steed and 1 additional Milk of the Poppy.

There aren't many other cards out (yet) that can compliment this deck, hence why I'm allowing to run something like 1x Dothraki Sea and 1x Dothraki Outriders. I'm sure they will develop this deck further with the next cycle and the Summer agenda and season mechanics, but this is very good chance for you to hop in early on board.

Oh yeah, Street of Steel totally worth it. Finds you Drogo's Arakh , Crown of Gold and Seal of the Hand ... all bomb attachments

The deck needs some good practice to start seeing all the possible plays, but once you do, you are up for some rewarding treats. Don't forget to trigger Rakharo!

Cheers, Dydra


iaan 17

Nice! Im also trying to build a Targ deck that can compete with Lanni/Stark/Martell.

Dydra 1467

Same here ... trying to do a top tier deck that doesn't include any of those houses :)

MiSiO 273

Hi. I have acculy build something very similar but much more... Rushy. Superior claim and the new power standing event. I just can not decide on number of copies. To few test games.