I Am the Shield that Guards the Realms of Men - Defensive Ni

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arthagon 31

My first try on a Night’s Watch Deck. I tried to focus on the classic strategy (mostly defend, don’t suffer an unopposed challange, kneel The Wall to get some , win dominance with The Iron Throne, Old Bear Mormont standing thanks to The Wall and/or some NW characters standing due to Castle Black)


Fealty - I’m a big fan of Fealty-Decks. also doesn’t need support from any other house (how thematic :D) and the reducer effect is great for Messenger Raven and for reducing high-cost chars such as Old Bear Mormont.


Benjen Stark prevents ranger characters from being bypassed by stealth, helping with avoiding uopposed challanges, also his ability to go back to the draw deck (plus giving you 2 ) makes him a nice game-winning sacrifice if you are losing a challange. Not sure if 3 copies are necessary though…

Ghost is actually more focused on attack, making the path free for some unapposed challanges (after you defended sucessfully), granting you even more . Also not sure about the 3 copies, 2 might be enough…

Jon Snow as a very important character (, always attacking with every other guy).

Littlefinger - nothing to say there, this one should be in every deck twice, also compensating the lack of reducer locations through his +1 income.

Maester Aemon of course to save your guys, also brings in an icon.

Messenger Raven providing you with draw power, dominance strength +1 and a decent sacrifice char for lost challanges - can be played for free using Fealty.

Old Bear Mormont as the perfect defending char in combination with The Wall (even better with Jon Snow). His effect triggered by not losing a single challange is absolutely crazy. Perfect target for Little Bird.

Old Forest Hunter as a cheap char with a nice effect to get some gold.

Ranging Party is an absolutely well-priced character, non- and a decent target for Longclaw.

Samwell Tarly for the icon and insight. Also to compensate the really low reserve value of A Feast for Crows.

Ser Waymar Royce - well-priced and free challange win when killed.

Steward at the Wall - reducer.

Veteran Builder to stand The Wall if kneeled due to an unopposed challange - sacrifice for 2 .

Yoren steals your opponents discarded cheap chars and brings in an icon.


Little Bird to bring in some more icons - second copy might be useful.

Longclaw +1 strength and for defending (renown) - perfect for Old Bear Mormont or Jon Snow to use the renown keyword multiple times.

Milk of the Poppy to get rid of annoying(mostly high-cost) chars’ abilities.


Castle Black to push the defensive Power of this Deck even more.

The Iron Throne to get some advance for dominance.

The Kingsroad and The Roseroad because of reasons.

The Wall is absolute essential to get the most from the ’s defensive power.


A Meager Contribution - annoy your opponent and get some gold for yourself.

Take the Black to compensate some inbalances referring cahllange types - if you don’t have enough (or or ) defenders just steal them.

The Sword in the Darkness might let you prevent more than one challenge against yourself - pushing The Wall’s effect.

Plots and strategy

As already said the main strategy of this deck is to defend as many challanges as possible and win the game using the effects of The Wall, Benjen Stark, renown form Longclaw and by winning dominance. I tried to choose the plots according to this strategy but to also have an eye on the income values (in my experience always lacks gold).

A Clash of Kings provides you with a claim value of 1 even on defensive challenges. is strong in , so this should work most of the time - if you are even able to win an offensive challenge your claim will be rised by 1.

A Feast for Crows greatly works together with ’s standing abilities (Old Bear Mormont, Jon Snow, Castle Black) and will provide you with 3 for dominance.

A Game of Thrones can reduce the number of challenges intiated against you - I’m actually not really sure about this one because is not THAT strong on the side.

Calm Over Westeros ins a great starting plot for any deck I think - it also works great in combination with The Wall, you don’t have to defend but just oppose one of the challanges. On the other Hand this plot doesn’t work so well with the ability of Old Bear Mormont, but in the most cases you won’t have him on the board in your first round.

Filthy Accusations - classic control plot. You get one attacker less against you and decent income.

Rebuilding allows you to loose some challanges (you just de oppose them for The Wall) during the game. Combined with the draw power from Messenger Raven and Samwell Tarly the discarded cards won’t hit you that hard. Watch out for renown, pillage, insight and intimdate keywords though!

Wildfire Assault - I’m basically playing this plot in almost every Deck for board control in desperate cases. If choosen correctly 3 characters will be enough to at least defend every challenge (again think of Old Bear Mormont, Castle Black and Jon Snow, maybe also The Sword in the Darkness).

Possible changes

I think of changing the numer of some characters (Benjen Stark -1, Ghost -1, Old Forest Hunter +1, Veteran Builder +1) to get more non- cahracters. Also 3 copies of Ghost (mainly offensive) seem too much. A second copy of Little Bird might be useful, also maybe a third copy of The Kingsroad to boost economy. The plot deck is, in my opinion, the most difficult part of every deck. Maybe i will include plots like Power Behind the Throne to provide some standing power or some high-income plots like Supporting the Faith or Marching Orders (this might interfere with the importance of s in this Deck.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment and critcize ;)

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