Baywatch - False Banner Greyjoy/Watch.

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CRCL 109

Here's a fun little deck I used to win a very small local tournament (6 players, with 4 rounds). Basically the idea is it's a false banner using all the good Greyjoy tech, with most of the Greyjoy characters swapped out for the new NW characters from WotW. The reason to do this over simply taking Greyjoy-Fealty, is for all the awesomely efficient characters that NW have, and the ability to easily spam Weirwood Bows. This deck also doesn't really mind whether it goes first or second.

With Valar Morghulis, Rise of the Kraken, Retaliation, Marched to the Wall, and your abundance of Military icons you can try and clear your opponent's board. This might not be realistic if your opponent is playing a tougher deck with a lot of staying power, but with all the stealth, even just a partial wipe will do the trick. Otherwise you're just grinding up to 15 power using a combination of UO challenges, Renown, Great Kraken, and Grenn.

Your plots will generally go; Here to Serve, Time of Plenty, Retaliation, Rise of the Kraken, then Marched to the Wall. Confiscation, and Valar Morghulis are for removing Cravens and resetting if your opponent goes too wide. Valar can also be used offensively, though I didn't end up using it aggressively much.

Jon Snow (WotW) is your big bomb character. He combos well with a lot of the cards in your deck (Grenn, Satin, Ygritte, Longclaw, Great Kraken), and even without them he's still a solid stealth character. One great thing about Jon is that even if he builds up a bunch of milks/nightmares, he's still useful since Satin can stand him and Longclaw gives him Renown.

Ser Jaremy Rykker gives you a boost to your number of power icons by giving them to Grenn, and Lost Rangers. He's also a decent target for Longclaw since with all his dupes + Aemon he tends to stick around.

Lost Ranger is a cheap body, that with Ser Jaremy Rykker gives a cheap 4 str bicon. The ranger's forced reaction was never an issue, and the one occasion where I played him when I didn't have another Ranger he just became my military claim.

Grenn is another (fairly) cheap body that becomes a bicon when Rykker is out. Grenn + Jon combo is incredibly oppressive and allows you to swing power massively in your favour. Sometimes it can be difficult to get off, but even triggering it once a game (or on someone other than Jon) is great. Even if you don't, it's a constant threat your opponent will have to be wary of.

Weirwood Bow is one of the reasons this deck works so well. Suddenly all your opponent's cheap characters they want to use to chump block are useless. You're either getting UO challenges you normally wouldn't, or your opponent is committing big characters to defending challenges. Pairing these with The Kraken's Grasp is icing on the cake, AND it's only 1-cost. Insanity!

Castle Black might seem odd in a Greyjoy deck, but it actually proved to be an excellent location. Stealth heavy decks love to go second, and Castle Black gives you a second use out of a character. When you have both this and a Raiding Longship out your opponent won't know whether to go first or second.

The Kraken's Grasp was a last minute throw in. It proved to be quite good, especially paired with the Weirwood Bows to lower enemy character's str. Being an underplayed card helps this event a lot, allowing you to lure bigger characters (bows handle the chud blocks) into defending challenges against Asha, then you can use the Weirwood Bow and The Kraken's Grasp on them.

Changes I've make after playing the original version:

-1 Qhorin Halfhand, for +1 Victarion Greyjoy. - In all 4 of my games I never played Qhorin, or felt I needed to. Victarion on the other hand came out in 2 of them, and his intimidate and self-save were always useful to have.

-1 Dragonglass Dagger, for +1 Longclaw. - Longclaw on Jon is really, really good, and my opponents were confiscating this a lot. Having a second copy to put on Jon after the first is confiscated would be useful, and the dagger only got played once, and was merely OK.

Cards I wish I had the space for:

Cotter Pyke - Just because he's a really solid stealth character and provides some more intrigue. I was considering dropping a copy of Asha to add in one copy of Cotter, but I'm not sure if he's worth the extra chance of drawing Asha (or the dupe). Dropping Ygritte for him is also a possibility, but that pushes you cost curve one gold higher and can make a difference. this is the one I'm most unsure on.

Aeron Damphair (TIMC) - I wish I could fit him in just for the combo with Maester Aemon and Valar, but at 6-cost he's a bit steep for this deck.

The third Ranging Party -The 3-5 cost slots are already pretty full unfortunately.

TL;DR: It's fun, give it a go. Hope you guys like the deck.


NerferNazgul 232

that's an awsome list gj, but why you haven't Will in your deck? you lost a lot of unopposed challenge? it could be a 3 icon if #Ser Jaremy Rykker is in play and have insight

CRCL 109

@NerferNazgulWill is certainly an option, and he fits perfectly in Ygrittes slot. I didn't take Will because I'm very wary of his Forced reaction. Challenges can get through unopposed, so you'd need to weigh up whether Will's Insight + Stealth is worth possibly losing characters that Aemon can't save.

Maximus 62

He's also loyal to nw

Mario57 119

Nice list, what about The Seastone Chair and Rattleshirt? They could fit?

CRCL 109

@Mario57: The Seastone Chair could easily be a 1 of in place of the copy of Sea Bitch. I didn't include it because Dolorous Edd already kneels the faction card, and I don't like to double up on those cards, but it's certainly not the end of the world since they'd both be 1 ofs. Also Sea Bitch is great :)

Rattleshirt is in the same slot as Victarion Greyjoy with the same icons/str, but I consider Victarion a better choice.

igotoofast 1

I love this deck. I've been playing it non stop for the last few weeks. The bara match up is awful. I replaced marched with battle of oxcross and it was a great decision. It has won me so many games. I replaced long claw with hands judgement, and have not seen that pan out yet.