Greyjoy weenies - Melee winner of Blackwater 30p

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GJ Winnies Melee 1st of 15 Barbegot Winner! 3 1 2 1.0
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Isian.H 724

credit to Luiz Gustavo Bretas for the original decklist.

All I did was add in some Silence's Crew for crazy strength on turns when people give me money or I have nothing better to spend it on.

With nothing but chuds on the board you're not much of a threat. Great Kraken, Relentless Assault and Superior Claim are your power grab cards. The idea is to try and reset the board and make deals with people to riddle your valar. If they're gonna die anyway might as well take others down with them. Asha Greyjoy is amazing on small boards and is what won me the game in the last match allowing me to use relentless assault to get my crossing off using two power challenges.

I used Duel in one game and it worked pretty well allowing me to secure second place. would have played it in other games but decided a valar was better.

The Red Wedding wasn't used in games because games ended too fast and people seem to be playing a lot of 5 costers. would be great against Tyrell, lanni and stark. worked well in testing.

Fortified Positionis good because you have chuds and nobody has any amazing abilities so hits opponents harder than you.

Varys's Riddle is usually my opener and save the second for when it's needed.

Valar is just valar. Use it to bargain and kill.

Rise of the Kraken is a finisher if you need it.

Game 1 - I came second. I went all out turn two, getting all the unopposed and playing Superior Claim becuse I knew the targ player who was last could finish and I needed the points.

game 2 - Slow start turn one. Hard bargaining going on. I ended first round on about 5/6 power because I went last. I played valar, all 3 opponents flip riddle. duped septa and arya just about manage to die after the 4th valar. I played Squuaaad and bestow 2.There was a scary Gregor on the board after reset but he didn't want to attack me because would be bad for the game and he wasn't close to finishing to smash into me the turn after. I got an unopposed power and a Superior Claim off on my valar turn still netting me quite a bit of power. On turn 3 I was made to go first so other Greyjoy player could go last and potentially finish but the stark player couldn't play much. I played a Drowned Men and a Wildling Scout had superior claim in hand so I got an unopposed intrigue with the scout. I sacrifice him to give stealth to drowned men. they get unopposed mil and use I use Pyke to give stealth to since crew for unopposed power and superior claim. rival power, crossing and great kraken finished the game off.

Game 3 - bad start for the other greyjoy player setup Aeron Damphair (Core) with a Seal of the Hand. I play chuds and duped Asha. Targ player gets to 7 power turn one. stark about 6 and I get to about 5/6. lucky for me, two hands judgements were wasted turn one and I still had two superior claims and a relentless assault in hand. Greyjoy valars and I riddle it. Targ played clash to finish. He made me first player. I saved my Asha with a risen. everyone else's board is wiped. opponent plays bran which is annoying. I Play theon, only character I have. military with theon goes unopposed. Power with 5 strength Asha goes unopposed I bait the bran with my first superior claim. he bites and cancels it. I relentless assault stand asha and do another power challenge triggering crossing and my third superior claim of the game for the win.

Tough games all day and great opponents at every table. no salt wives :)


LGB 169

Congratulations! And Nice to hear this complete report! You did much more than adding the Crew. You piloted to the top in a Strong field!

Isian.H 724

Lucky for me Florian wasn't in the cut XD

Amoon 1

Well played and nice deck! Sure you would have given me a hard time ^_^ Another Melee claim for the Crosse Keys! Stahleck beware XD

Reader 137

I played against your build in the first round. How funny that you joined our 3 player table, ten mins after everyone else had started, putting your deck together while the other tables had got underway, dropped half your cards on the floor once the deck was together... and then went on to win!!!

Nice one Isian... one more for GJ

Vancluysenflor 9

Great job isian. I must say i was rally really surprised with your turn two win in our last game. Loved playing with you that day. And it was do nice to meet you this weekend. Congrats!

Isian.H 724

@Echoes of Ice & Fire god I was a mess. You played really well yourself. I was watching you.

@Vancluysenflorit was great to meet you and your friend and I enjoyed playing with you guys over the weekend. You would have won that game if there wasn't a valar turn two.