Decklist & Chill Episode 12 - Don't Feed the Cat (Stark/Feal

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action_johnny 743

The deck list we settled on for for episode 12 of Decklist and Chill. To listen to all the spicy insight, discussion and background chatter that goes along with this deck, tune in to episode 12 of Decklist and Chill here:

I've decided to do a bit more of a write up than I usually would on this one because the actual list analysis on the episode was a bit of a boozy shambles.


The toughest part of building this deck were the plot choices, and to be honest I'm still not sure I've gotten it right. The deck definitely wants 3 economy plots, especially as Fallen from Favor is not one you tend to want to open with, but is fantastic mid to late game when you have the sacrifice engine running. A Noble Cause is a natural choice here, especially as the only economy plot with no real downside. For the last economy slot, I thought about both Trading with the Pentoshi and Calling the Banners. At the time of recording we went with Trading, but in retrospect I feel Calling is the better choice. Better initiative and you're not giving your opponent gold.

The rest of the plot decisions explained in brief below:


I feel like most of the choices are obvious here, but I'll explain my thoughts behind a few key choices:

  • 3 x The Blackfish over 3 x Eddard Stark (WotN): Three reasons: Stark lacks card draw, Blackfish has Tully synergy and is also loyal for Fealty.
  • No Ser Edmure Tully: I tested with him, but I always found myself wishing he was Grey Wind. I think it's because he's not as impactful when he hits the board on the basis that his ability is reactive, not proactive. Edmure can be played around, whereas Grey Wind is a threat that has to be dealt with and puts pressure on your opponent. The fact that Grey Wind can be tutored as well just seals the deal for me.
  • Sansa Stark (WotN) over Sansa Stark (Core): While this deck can burst power, I wouldn't class it as a rush deck. Wolves Sansa is a cheap and super efficient. Furthermore, wolves Sansa is made MUCH better by Flea Bottom, as being able to sac/recur Summer to get dead chuds out of your discard keeps her strength and her value high.
  • Donella Hornwood is an absolute gem in this deck. She's an extra icon in a faction that lacks it, plus she allows for sneaky plays like 0g The North Remembers (Fealty reduction + her reduction).
  • There might be an argument for 3 x The Kingsroad over The Roseroad, but I've not tested that. Generally speaking, consistent economy is better for longer games, burst economy is better for shorter ones.


So, even though I haven't tested this deck as much as I'd like to yet, I feel that is probably one of the strongest factions to run Flea Bottom out of. Obviously the dream target is Summer, but Arya Stark (Core) works just was well, being able to bounce her in, trigger her reaction, save her with her dupe from going to the bottom of the deck, then sacrificing her to go back into the discard pile in order to do it all over again. Bran Stark (Core) is also a decent target, but if your opponent is smart they might just choose to not play any events, so make sure you have a way to get him back into the discard pile yourself.

If you have Robb Stark (Core) and a sacrifice engine to hand (Jon Snow (WotN)/The North Remembers), it's generally better to go first and then sac to stand your entire board. This is an absolute no brainer if you have Flea Bottom out. If you don't have Robb then I've found it preferable to play a bit more defensively, as one thing the deck is deficient in is decent control cards.

That's the basic gist to it really. As ever, please feel free to play, improve, discuss and just downright get schwifty with the deck, just make sure you listen to our blistering hot content while you do it.

Love from DL&C


scantrell24 2474

Love this shit. Summer + Jon Snow + Flea Bottom + Cat is really good and surprisingly consistent.

action_johnny 743

Glad you're liking it Scantrell! This one seems to be pretty popular for a DL&C list, had a couple of people tell us they're enjoying it.