Targaryen Rains of Fire (but then Fealty) - Dutch Nationals

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Trebge68 97

This is the deck I used during the Dutch Nationals yesterday. First I wanted to try RoC (hence the title), after seeing it on KotBW Youtube channel, but after 15-20 games I wasn't very satisfied with my performances so I switched to 'good old' Fealty. Also because Slaver's Bay Port is (imo) less of tempo hit with the reduction. My preparation wasn't ideal, since I had played around 20-25 games with it, but at least I felt comfortable with it. I ended up finishing 23rd out of 33.

An'odd' plot choices perhaps: Winter Festival, this plot is purely there for the Stark match-up. It allows me to trigger card abilities without Winterfell interfering. The extra power is icing on the cake.

Furthermore, I'm still unsure about Nightmares vs The Hand's Judgment, maybe two nightmares and lose the HJ's. Also, the deck could maybe do better with one less Astapor and one more Plaza of Pride because that is just too good.

On to the report:

1st Round vs. Frank (Lanni/Kraken): LOSS By far the most tense and exciting match of the day. Franke is from the Leiden meta and I know he plays Lannister a lot, so I knew this was going to be difficult. He had a great start with Victarion Greyjoy early on the board and having 2+ power on him. He also found a duped Tywin Lannister (Core). I managed to claw back in the game after on a Blood of the Dragon turn burning Vic to death. I also managed to predict his Counting Coppers into my Varys's Riddle, so that was nice. We went back and forth, I managed to Crown of Gold his duped Tyrion Lannister (Core), he slayed some dragons with Ser Ilyn Payne. Eventually double Valar Morghulis hit him hard, with him losing his duped Tywin with all his power. We finished on equal power (10 I believe), so it was down to counting cards. And there I lost, with me having 28 remaining to his 30. So my riddle into his counting coppers came back to haunt me..

2nd round: BYE

3rd round vs. Torsten (Lannister LotC): LOSS Another Lannister deck! This time around with crossing as the agenda. He opened with the Small Council Chamber on setup and that did him very well in this game. He got Ser Gregor Clegane on board, and quite soon after that a duped Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and he got to too much power later on. He played Heads on Spikestwice, with him first hitting my crown but on the last plot phase my Littlefinger, which gave him two power + cersei's reaction: game.

Round 4 vs. Remko (Martell/Stag): WIN A Chamber of the Painted Table and The Iron Throne deck with lots of stall. He managed to play Burning on the Sand a couple of times, denying me claim. He also played the Vanguard Lancer to remove power from my house card and the Throne + Chamber combo was hitting me almost every turn. Thanks to Khal Drogo, by allowing me more UO challenges, and taking Varys twice for intrigue claim, I managed to close the game out.

Round 5 vs. Jaco (Martell/Stag): LOSS Another stall deck and a match-up I wasn't happy with, but it happens. Jaco is from the Amsterdam meta like me and a good player, so another tough match ahead. I got ahead, once again by finding Khal Drogo early on and doing lots of challenges, Winter Festival also got me some power. He played Building Orders on plot one, to find his The Boneway, he also got the Chamber + Throne out so once again I was racing against time. This time around, Varys with "The Last of the Giants" happened and after that we both played Marched to the Wall, I thought he might play Valar Morghulis, but the result was the same. Both our boards were empty at this time. At some point Jaco had enough economy to bestow the Orphan of the Greenblood with two gold and play Vanguard Lancer three times and robbing my of three power. Since I was on the clock I was doing challenges like a madman, also feeding his Boneway which ultimately gave him the win.

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