direroose torino. Top 4 @ Winter Festival. Torino

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dagodav 117

This is the deck I run at Torino's Winter Festival (9/12/2017-Italy). It was a cool event with lot of players (76 if I remember correctly) and top 16. I went 4-2 in swiss and managed to get top 4 in which I lost in a very tough but fine game.

The deck was meant to attack the opponent's board keeping it as much clean (an italian expression XD) as possible thanks to several aggro solutions like: Roose Bolton in combination with Last Hearth, Ice, Winter Is Coming and the direwolves of course. Once you have succeed in cleaning the opponent's board (also the locations, by using Political Disaster and Frozen Solid) it is much more easier to trigger the RoC agenda which allows you to maintain the pressure on the opponent. the mvp(s) of the deck are of course Bran Stark (OR) (which can create very strong synergies with the direwolves, especially Grey Wind) and Summer (Core) that allows you to "recycle" bran that can be milked or killed.

Last but not the least this decklist was meant to face and counter several "put in game" effects (in particular Flea Bottom), that I think dominate our italian meta at the moment (let's think for example at the targaryen LotC), by using cards such as Last Hearth Scouts, Barring the Gates or Frozen Solid on Flea Bottom.

this is a shirt report of my tournament: Swiss:


  • top 16: RoC (different from the swiss one) (win). this time I was able to clean his board, thanks to Roose Bolton plus the Last Hearth and then march to the wall.
  • top 8: banner of the wolf (win). I was able to counter his flea bottom, then I killed Varys by using the The Red Wedding.
  • top 4: LoC (lost). It was a very cool game, first I was able to disable his flea bottom thanks to Last Hearth Scouts but at the end he was able to take the control of the board also thanks to the Crown of Gold on my Catelyn Stark (Core).

If you have any question, comment or suggestion let me know :)


Lawyer 418

Grats again Franky! A crazy deck! Like to see some in house trait developed and Played really well!

Tremo ancora per quel Varys in Top 8 :O

Manuel Cabezalí 446

Congratulations on such a good deal and tournament! How did the Dreadfort Maesters work?

dagodav 117

thank you @Lawyer!!

dagodav 117

@Manuel Cabezalí thank you!! I think that the Dreadfort Maester is a nice card: it gives me useful icons and, if I need to push the aggro on the opponent's board, is cool. Moreover, you can use its effect to stand all your characters, if you have Robb Stark (Core) on board!

Justiv 1

Congratulations man... you're a really good player

Stefano (round4 with RoC)

dagodav 117

@Justiv thank you :) you are a good player too!

Spirit_Bear 1

Thank you for sharing!

dagodav 117

@Spirit_Bear Np ;) I hope you'll enjoy it!!

EirikSWE 1

@dagodavThanks for the report! =)

King Nothing 1

Is House of black and white an option for this deck for more kill? What do you think? Maybe you have the swap out political desaster when you play more locations.

dagodav 117

@EirikSWE NP ;)

@King Nothing Yes, I'll try House of black and white. But I think it'll show its potential in the future. If the new agenda (The red door) catches on I have to think an alternative for political disaster. Since that moment i think it is a very useful plot :)