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This is the Targaryen/TLotC list that I made the cut with at Thrones W.A.R. 2018.

I also won a Store Championship a few weeks prior to W.A.R. with an almost unmodified version of this deck.

A huge thanks! to Khalejandro (who built the original list that this is derived from), our regent Stephen, and Team Targ in general for all the test games, helpful feedback in refining this deck, and all-around awesomeness.

What follows are a few notes and observations:


  • Heads on Spikes - The opener, almost always. It just works so well with the general rush strategy of this deck.
  • Winter Festival - Turn two if I'm already ahead and suspecting a non-summer plot, also good for closing on turn three or four if victory is within reach. For a while, the deck had a second HoS in its place, but during testing it turned out that the one extra gold did make a significant-enough difference. Your mileage may vary, but putting it back in checked out for me.
  • Counting Coppers - Most often turn three if I have Flea Bottom and/or Plaza of Pride out already, otherwise earlier (turn two) if I need still have to find these locations. Apart from digging for missing pieces, it provides the fuel for Plaza of Pride and Qotho.
  • Varys's Riddle - Great when it hits your opponents Heads on Spikes, Counting Coppers, and (at times) their Valar Morghulis. More often than not, I tried to time it with their Counting Coppers.
  • Marched to the Wall - really good for getting your Viserys out of play without killing him, in order to trigger his ability.
  • Trade Routes - replaced Late Summer Feast, since I didn't want to give my opponent any benefits from my big money plot. I try to play it mid-game when the board is flush with locations. I've seen it across the table many times now too, in most factions. Solid.
  • Valar Morghulis - wasn't really ever a problem, this deck generally bounces back from it rather easily.


Apart from the obvious key characters - Danny and her dragons, Khal Drogo, Second Sons - I want to mention Viserys. His great ability to strip attachments saved my bacon many times.
Got your locations frozen or your characters milked? Not for long - thanks to this wannabe ruler!
Not seeing him (enough) will make it very tough to win in certain match-ups (Martell/Wolf, for example).

Daario Naharis was a later addition, he replaced Mirri which was in the original list. Didn't see him too often, but he did some great work in a few instances, especially when paired with Second Sons.

Jhiqui also put in some good work, don't forget Viserys is Lord-traited as well!


No surprises here, Flea Bottom and Plaza of Pride are the cornerstones of this deck, the rest is economy.


Crown of Gold was in the deck, then out of it, then finally back in. It ended up turning around at least one match at W.A.R. in my favour. When money is low, it also makes good fodder for the Plaza of Pride in order to stand a 7-cost character.


Dracarys!, Fire and Blood, and Nightmares should be obvious choices here.
The Hand's Judgment came in handy a few times to cancel my opponent's THJ in order to push my Dracarys! through.

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