Drowned God - HwtRD Nagga's Ribbs (World Cup)

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Benji 758

Other classic revisited for the WCup : Greyjoy Drowned God.


Because Desert Raider is the sole real argument for this agenda. I provides the entry in challenge phase, the Mil icon and the Mil claim for repetitive / heavy claim. Except that... The others 9 slots are somehow wasted. Meadowlark x3 is a good option since the sole point of the deck is to tutor Drowned Disciple, but you basically need to setup/T1 it. But basically they are eating the decisive metagame / behavorial slots and ruining the efficiency of the deck by marginal costs.

Also, with Drowned Prophet there is less of a need to absorb Military claim, since you first want to claim Prophet and then Raider.

It has always been between The Wars To Come and The House With the Red Door for me, without clear winner, but if anything I go for HwtRD since it is stabilizing what you primarily want to do. Also, in any World Cup format you mainly keep Wars for Martell...


Because it works better like that.

Old Grey Gull and King's Landing Proselyte fulfill attachment control, auto-kill, Reset & FSoW Resilience.

Aeron Damphair (Core) because entry in Dominance phase is also card advantage (especially on Given + Tarle), there is no discussion about him being better.

Dragonbinder and Driftwood Cudgel because you need a way to pass Drogon... And on their own, having a tutor of Disciple + Creating a Wall are extremely good things, especially when you have slots to fill in the deck.

Old Wyk is something between "acceptable", "bad" or "very bad" according to circumstances, so it's a bad card. But it's the only entry in challenge phase you are left without Fanatic. You NEED it.

Vomiting economy stuff to be sure of never missing. Drowned God is EXPENSIVE. You need to assemble at least 6 to have a table, 20 golds the most rapidly and consistently you can is your target.


You just want to build the table.

Then you put Uneasy Truce for stalling and Valar Morghulis cause this deck might revert a losing game with it. Drastic effect in order to enlarge a bit the panel of situations you can adapt to.


Benji 758

Another road to take is in the plotline : You skip At the Gates, because it's not enough fast on the trigger, while you only want to maximize your economic efficiency all the time. You rather chain heavy eco - heavy draw and you include a second tool plot with Champion's Challenge or Winter Festival.

Benji 758

This deck was already unplayablke in competitive at the time (Ward, not enough eco/draw at the same time to run the extremely demanding economy), I think it is even WORSE today with decks generally being more powerful (more economy, stronger abilities) while Drowned God did not improve and the appearance of new counters (Pinch, Bribery).

It basically needs an entire lifting... and beyond that, a dedicated agenda to tackled all structural issues (HwtRD + Wars to come + Economy/Draw, basically). Otherwise you sill go nowhere.

Stormheart 6

So sorry Benji for leaving. My internet cut out for a short while and i couldn't get back. I copy and pasted all you said so i'll remember. Thank you for your time. Signed, Samuel

Benji 758

Happy to help !