Birds and Horses - South Korean National Winner

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mistines1 50

To tell the truth, it was a 5-player full league. This deck went 3-1 and marked the top.

Main concept

Collect free powers from various sources to fast win.

Key cards

White Raven: Free power! Remember that this bird can ride on the mount.

Sand Steed: More free power!

Robert Baratheon (LMHR): Additional power with horse.

Change of Plans: Accelerating the power gaining by horses. Good target for Exchange of Information with horses.

The Iron Throne (Core) and other Bara dominance tools: Asserting and exploiting dominance.

Summerhall: Protecting birds.

Ser Richard Horpe: He can be a threat on the otherwise weak board of this deck. Works very well with horse.

Shyra Errol: Evacuate your precious power when its host is dead. Theoretically she can earn you 2 powers with "The Dornishman's Wife" (R) but it wasn't happen in that day.

Melisandre (Core) + Red Priest / Ser Imry Florent: Bother and slow down your opponent.

Desert Raider (R): Protect your board from military claim attrition + sometimes generate power to be stolen. Also you can get some sweet unopposed challenges! Note there's an anti-synergy between Desert Raider and Summerhall. But it was not significant.

Hellholt: It worked surprisingly well. The tournament version of this deck had only 1 of it (and 2 of Meadowlark) but I immediately changed this after the day.

R'hllor Infiltrator: Becomes the last spurt of power race.

Running this deck was really fun. I appreciate to my fellow SK players by whom this awesome game is kept being played.


nodtrio16 1

Horse OP

Req 7

I love horses

footlong 200

🐦🐦 🐎🐎 ♥️♥️

Ryaxs 154

Always been curious about a similar deck. Wish a deck like that could work without the redesigns/new cards as I'm not a fan of them but Summerhall seems too important.

Richmond11 1

I love this one. I also tried to improve it somehow by changing some plots and like 10 cards. Would you like to see it? :)

Req 7

@Richmond11 I'd love to see it. I'm curious if this deck can work in a bigger tournament :)