Euron's Iron Fleet

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markalfano 25

This is a Raider-themed deck that also specializes in pillaging and, to a lesser extent, unopposed challenges.

Open with The Maiden for the initiative boost. Most of your characters and locations are relatively cheap. The two big guys are Euron Crow's Eye (R) and The Iron Fleet. It will often be tempting to include Euron in your starting tableau, but I've found that waiting to play him so that you can get a free Warship (of which there are many) and perhaps also a free Eager Deckhand makes for better economy.

Using Free Companies, you can easily add gold to characters who will benefit from it, e.g., Black Lorren and Stony Shore Raider. Once you have a copy of Saltcliffe Sailor in play, each character with a gold also gains stealth, which makes Left-Hand Lucas Codd's and Saltcliffe's abilities quite useful. Sometimes it's also useful for keeping Seized by the Guard out or kneeling locations with Stony Shore Raider indefinitely.

One main source of power is unopposed challenges, which are especially strong when you play Rise of the Kraken and Red Rain. It's not too hard to get unopposed challenges through given all the stealth and cards that will make it either impossible or scary for the opponent to defend, such as Black Lorren, Theon Greyjoy (TFoA), Golden Storm, and Grey Ghost.

Another main source of power is reactions to pillaging. In particular, King of Salt and Rock and Corpse Lake can add a lot of power quickly, especially if you manage to get out The Iron Fleet, which basically provides an auto-pillage every time you initiate a challenge with a Raider.

Save your The Hand's Judgment to protect your Risen from the Sea unless you really need it. Your other saves come from Hagen's Daughter, Maester Kerwin, and Valyrian Steel Armor. The latter is probably only worth playing off of Cragorn or later in the game when you have nothing better to play. It can help a bit with your draw and gives Euron some abilities even if he is Milked or Nightmaring.

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