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hagarrr 829

I played this deck in the 8 Regents of Westeros tournament vs , against SGE. The bones of this deck is pretty much the same as every other Fealty, which I believe to be one of the most consistent top tier decks in the game.

decks are lumped into three general categories; Mercenaries, Dothraki or Burn. All of these styles have some important events that help to define their themes and give them an all important tempo boost in the challenges phase. Whether it is Our Word Is Good as Gold, Overwhelming Numbers, or Dracarys!, Stark Fealty can beat them all.


For Burn, the tech cards are Supporting the Faith, At the Palace of Sorrows (R), No Surprises, Winterfell, Bran Stark (Core) and Catelyn Stark (Core).

At the Palace of Sorrows (R) and Supporting the Faith are designed to protect from all the burn events you might see. The former gives you an entire turn of immunity, and is even better if you can catch the Blood of the Dragon with it. The latter means they have to have multiple tricks if they want to burn you this round. Catelyn and Winterfell obviously gives you an entire challenge free from nasty Burn events, so you're able to go to town in the power challenges either offensively or defensively. Bran is less reliable as he's fairly easy to kill (Shadowblack Assassin, Blood of the Dragon etc) or remove from the board (they play one event to remove him and then they play another to murder your board. No Surprises is probably my favourite as they saved all that gold to burn you and then they can't do much with it as it blocks Aegon Targaryen too.

For Dothraki and Mercenaries, the tech cards are Barring the Gates, Supporting the Faith, No Surprises, Last Hearth Scouts, Rickon Stark, Bodyguard, and Ser Jason Mallister.

Barring the Gates and Supporting the Faith limit the activity of the opponents' tricks in the challenge phase and gives you some breathing room for some safe challenge phases. No Surprises stops Blood of My Blood, Overwhelming Numbers, and Our Word Is Good as Gold, whilst Rickon Stark stops any search effect too including Aegon Targaryen. Last Hearth Scouts forces the opponent to use their effects suboptimally either in the marshalling phase, or in challenges anyway but knelt. Ser Jason Mallister combined with the others can force Aegon Targaryen too. Bodyguard makes the list as a way to almost ignore the military challenge or help mitigate 2 claim.

Despite this being weighted strongly toward the Targaryen matchup, it should have a pretty favourable match up against any shadows deck, ambush deck and event heavy list. It will also do well against constructive decks too with the action advantage of Robb/Wyman coupled with Swift Eduardo, backed up with sacrifice enablers like Skagos (R), Jeyne Poole, Jon Snow (WotN), and Wyman himself.

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