8 Regents: Kingsmoot at Corpse Lake

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This is a slightly updated version of the list I played during the 8 Regents tournament. The deck did great in testing, and won its only match against NW Mummers. Originally it ran Alannys for extra card draw, but with the new RL I'd probably keep Win/Die instead, as in practice she didn't seem super necessary. The only meta call I made for the NW matchup was swapping in The First Snow of Winter for Bran the Builder.

Combining Corpse Lake with this agenda is certainly not new, and of course there's a bunch of Greyjoy pillage here to help it accelerate. Scouting Vessel is crazy with Euron and Gorold, and also gives you an excuse to run cheers Asha instead of turnip Asha.

Box Balon also needing to kneel the faction card does conflict with the agenda, but he's too strong to pass up in a deck that so reliably fills up the opponent's discard pile, and in truth, passing up a Greensight trigger to save it for a Balon trigger is almost always the right move anyway if you have to choose. Baelor Blacktyde is another card that quietly shines in this type of deck, and could easily be a 2 or 3x as a meta call. Nighttime Marauders is a value card that's just too good not to run in a pillage heavy deck. And King of Salt and Rock is also here to help quicken the power gain.

The more unusual side of the deck comes from the dominance tech, which alongside Corpse Lake can help you close games out extremely quickly. Nagga's Ribs doesn't see a ton of play outside of Drowned God lists for reasons I've never understood. Not only does it win dominance as well as Iron Throne (even more reliably in the late game,) it also helps keep your Fanatics from getting stuck in discard. Here, it also ensures that Aeron gets to do his thing, and enables your cheeky Kingsmoots, which is a card that should probably see a little more play than it does since it piles all of its power onto one character you can easily save with a Risen. You won't always get the opportunity to play it, but when you do, you'll feel like, well, a king.

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